“You are a marketer, I trust you” - as a business wanted to enter a new market, but in the end lost the site and money

Trusting people is good. But if you have a business, don't do it better. The article describes the real story of how a gullible businessman made a series of mistakes that cost him dearly:

  • I designed the site and social network for another person, because of which I had to create everything anew.
  • Did not enter into an agreement with experts, ran into a scammer, lost money.
  • I didn’t want to help the marketer to work on the project - he leaked money and delayed the deadlines for the project.
  • I did not prepare the sales department for launching a new service - lost customers.

The article will be useful to businessmen who are promoted on the Internet or want to do it.


The company is a local monopolist that organizes children's parties in the B2B and B2G segments (kindergartens, schools, shopping and children's centers, city events). Sales go through repeated calls from customers, cold calls or a sundress. The site and social networks do not bring anything.

The company wanted to enter the B2C market, the audience wanted moms. The service of children's parties at home at the organization has existed for 4 years. Tried to promote - did not work. Appealed to me.

After the audit, they decided to remake the design of the site and social networks (it was outdated), to update the information. The budget is 100,000 rubles.

We signed a contract and almost immediately the problems started. The company did not know how to work with contractors, did not understand the new market. The main motto of the owner:

"We pay you, trust, do everything yourself."

This phrase caused many customer problems. He realized this when the deadlines had already been stretched and the budget was spent twice as much as originally planned.

The site and social networks were designed for a person who has not been working in a company for a long time.

The client decided not to delve into the work, he trusted the former marketer. He designed the website, social network and left.

We fought a long time to get the rights back to the communities. Access to the site and re-registration have not been achieved.

The client does not have access to its own site - it was necessary to make a new one.

Get into the work of contractors, arrange everything for yourself, store accesses and passwords in several places so as not to lose - this will help you save money, time, nerves and save your business in the future.

It is cheaper and safer to entrust a business to an experienced specialist or agency with a good reputation. In TexTerra, for example, an integrated approach to promotion, profitable and reliable model - payment for the result.

The company did not enter into an agreement with contractors, everything was kept on trust

To make a new site, the client decided to save money - he found the programmer cheaper, discussed the problem, paid the fee, but did not sign the contract.

The programmer ran off with the money, did not do the work.

We found a new artist, signed a contract with him, but had to pay again.

The company wanted to save money, but it turned out that it paid for the work twice.

Sign a contract with all performers, so you will be protected by law. If you work with a marketer, trust him to search for specialists. It may be more expensive, but it will bring proven people and control their work.

There was no responsible person who knows the business and can provide the necessary information.

We put together a team. For the work needed materials and information on the project. The client was busy, gave contacts to the secretary. The secretary sent to other specialists, who otfutball us to each other.

A month passed before we collected, as we thought, all the necessary information. We created social networks, hooked up ads on local forums, and began to prepare for targeting.

Suddenly, the sales department howled. It turned out that prices have changed a long time ago, but they did not warn us about it. People called from advertising, wanted to order a holiday, but when they heard that prices were different, they refused.

The company has merged customers through no fault of ours. We had little information, no one told us about the changes.

Find a person who knows your business well, or communicate with contractors. Give all the information you need. Keep up to date with all changes.

In our case, due to the lack of feedback, everyone suffered:

  1. Sales department, which fell a wave of negativity.
  2. A business that has lost money and reputation.
  3. We, on which the undeserved accusations of unhappy salespeople fell.

The client lost money, but he understood the problem and finally began to help. We were given feedback, found responsible. We redid the prices and banners, everything worked fine. Again send applications. But…

Nobody prepared managers to receive calls from new customers

The client himself admitted this when we asked about the number of transactions. It turned out that the sales department is able to communicate with business owners and heads of budget organizations, but is not at all ready to talk with ordinary moms.

Managers were lost after the questions of moms on the service, they were looking for information for a long time while the client was on the phone. If they didn’t find an answer, they lied or promised to call back, but they didn’t call back.

Possible objections of clients, by the way, we registered in the analysis of Central Asia and sent to the post office of the company. Although I doubt that someone read it.

The budget, along with advertising has already exceeded 200 thousand. At that time, the client could recoup some of the costs, but did not prepare the staff. So, the work was done in vain.

Prepare to receive applications, conduct staff training, make a standard conversation with the client. If managers do not know the service - there will be no sales.

This is the responsibility of HR professionals, not mine. We removed advertising from external sites and reduced the budget for targeted advertising while salespeople learn to work with the new segment.

Two weeks later, we again returned to the old budget, sales went. It should have happened earlier, but it did not happen because of a series of stupid mistakes.

Now briefly: how to develop a business on the Internet and not be left without pants

  • Control the work of contractors, arrange everything for yourself. If you do not understand this - pay for advice from a third-party specialist, specify what needs to be done.
  • On the market a lot of scam. Sign a contract with everyone. With all.
  • If experts ask for information - tell. No one knows your business better than you.
  • Notify the staff that you are moving on the Internet. If you are launching a new service, conduct training with managers and create a script for conversations with customers.

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