Anatomy of profiles on Instagram: 11 ways to create an account

Want to get to your business page on Instagram, the user does not close it, but subscribe? Instagram is primarily a visual social network. Therefore, the page should be filled with not only useful, but also spectacular content. Beautiful, catchy design attracts more subscribers.

In this article you will learn how to make a beautiful business account without any special knowledge in design.

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Mesh design

Chess order

Arrange photos in a checkerboard pattern, alternating similar images through one. For example, photos alternate with quotes. Or contrast photos with pastels.

Do not limit yourself - create a unique sequence. If you have an online store, alternate photos of products with text content (reviews, useful information). Choose what suits the content of your page.

In the line

Another simple and effective way to personalize your account. Each row can be devoted to one topic or section. Can be grouped by color, style or type of content.

Placing in line can be not only horizontal, but also vertical.


Use the same approach and place visually similar photos on the diagonals.

When using the layouts “In line” and “Diagonally”, publish three photos at once. Otherwise, the rows will be mixed, and the design logic will be lost.

This format is popular with shops, fashion designers, beauty salons and tattoo parlors. Alternate close-up, where the details are shown, with the general. This will give a complete picture of your product or service.


Frames in the form of geometric shapes

You can not limit yourself to only square frames. Rectangular, round - experiment with different geometric shapes.

It looks good to use frames of different sizes ...

... and frames of different shapes.

Colored frames

Not only white, but also black, frames of all colors of the rainbow.

The use of frames is ideal for the design portfolio of a photographer, artist or designer. The frame highlights each photo individually and focuses attention on the image itself.



Profile with this design is difficult to leave. Leafing through it, you do not notice how time flies by. Photos and elements harmoniously flow into each other.

Do you sell a blog about your business? Then this is the perfect feed format. It is easy to guide and direct the reader along the selected headings. And additional design elements immediately tell about the topic of the page.


And you can make it easier - cut one photo into 9 or 12 parts. According to this principle are set ups. If you need a landing page on Instagram, there’s no better option.

To create "Collage" and "Puzzle" designs, you will need third-party applications or skills to work with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom.

Color in design

Primary color selection

An account composed of black and white photos will always look stylish and harmonious. But a bit monotonous for a commercial profile. Therefore, you can choose one or more primary colors and use them in content.

The main color of the page can be changed by planning transitions and selecting photos.

Do you have brand colors? Design your page with their help. If not, choose those that fit the image being created and are better perceived by the audience.

Mood and tonality

Use the same settings when processing photos. This will give integrity to the page. Bright and contrasting or airy and weightless?

To get this effect, apply one filter to all photos. No matter what your Instagram is devoted to - this technique will add appeal and harmoniously unite all the elements.

Style of shooting and photos

Plan and perspective

Select a plan or view from which photos will be taken. Photos with a repeating element or the same feed make the profile recognizable.

Successfully applied cafe, food delivery services, manicure and tattoo artists.


Black and white photography, minimalism, pop art, comics, dudling. Designs where the components are designed in the same style. Well suited for illustrators, artists, designers who have found their own style.

Even if you do not have a budget for a designer, you can create an effective profile yourself. Experiment, try to combine several approaches. We are sure that you will find a design that will add individuality to your Instagram.

Share with us links to interestingly designed profiles. Let them inspire not only you :-)

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