Use the authority of the authors to get links

Search marketers are in a difficult situation. Google takes external links into account when determining authoritative sites. Yes, and Yandex is still considered with this factor, despite the December promises. At the same time, both search engines actively struggle with manipulations and cheats. Quite recently, guest posting got hot, which according to Google spokesman Matt Cutts has turned into spam technology.

Of course, marketers know that it is necessary to create high-quality content, which is naturally referenced by readers. But getting natural links takes a lot of time. And what if the result is needed today or tomorrow? A few weeks ago, marketers solved this problem with the help of guest publications. However, Google recommended not using this technology to get links.

Business will have to look for alternative approaches. Such an alternative could be cooperation with authors who have authority in one niche or another.

Authors instead of sites

To get a natural or almost natural link, marketers were looking for reputable sites and blogs in their niche. They estimated authority with the help of PageRank, TCI and other puzomerok. Having discovered a suitable site, promotion specialists offered its owners high-quality content in exchange for publishing links. This approach worked with varying success until some marketer sent a proposal to exchange links to content to Matt Cutts himself. The famous fighter with search manipulations got angry and declared guest posting spam. He recommended not to use guest publications to get links.

Now, in order to get a natural or almost natural link, marketers will have to look for authoritative authors in a chosen niche. Influential authors not only create quality content. They have access to various channels of information dissemination that can be used to solve marketing problems. For example, good authors have connections with authoritative publications.

Did Matt Cutts call spam a search for good sites and the publication of thematic content in exchange for links? A business can search for good authors and invite them to publish useful articles for the audience. The action algorithm looks like this:

  1. Find high-quality thematic content that evokes a response from the audience.
  2. Find the author and the sites on which he is published.
  3. Make sure the author is authoritative.
  4. Use the capabilities of a new partner to solve marketing problems in general and get links in particular.

How to search for content causing a response

Popular content can be searched manually. You must be reading publications covering events in your industry, viewing publications in related groups on Facebook and Vkontakte, and follow the blogosphere.

To gauge the popularity of content, pay attention to the number of comments and social cues. Some sites show the number of article views or the number of users currently reading it.

Many sites additionally announce the most popular materials. Use this feature to quickly find the most viewed or commented publications.

Popular articles are found quickly.

If you are interested in publications that are popular in the burzhuneta, use the Buzzsumo service to find them. After registration, enter the word or phrase relevant to your activity in the search box. The service will show you thematic materials that have received the maximum response from readers.

How to search for authors of popular publications

Most reputable publications indicate authors of articles. Usually this is enough to find the contact details or social profiles of the person you are interested in. If a post is linked to an author’s Google+ account, you can add it to your circles and write an email. The Gmail service allows you to do this without an email address.

If you are looking for influential English-language authors, take advantage of Buzzsumo. This service allows you to find the authors of the most popular publications without browsing dozens of sites. To do this, you must enter a query in the search box, wait for the result and export the data to a spreadsheet.

In the columns of the article_amplifiers table and article_amplier_images table, you will find the names or pseudonyms of the authors of some publications, as well as links to their userpics. Imagine that your article attracted an article with a lot of sharing. In the article_amplifiers column, you see the author's alias (for example, heidicohen), and in the article_amplier_images column, a link to his userpic. If the search by pseudonym does not give a result, try to find the author by photo. To do this, paste the link to the userpic into the browser and make sure that the author used his real photo.

Now copy the URL of the photo and use Google search for images.

Another way to search for influential authors with Buzzsumo is the Influencer Search menu. Using this option, you get links to the profiles of influential authors on Twitter. The service demonstrates the information about the PageRank of the author’s site, which will be interesting for search marketers who are hunting for "fat" links.

How to use the capabilities of reputable authors

When marketers approached authoritative author Matt Cutts with a proposal for collaboration, a Google representative called them spammers. Do not repeat the mistakes of failed partners Mr. Cutts. Getting links should not be a central topic of collaboration.

The following ideas will help you get the benefits of working with reputable content creators, avoiding the suspicion of an obvious desire to buy links:

  • Invite authors to create a series of materials for your website or blog. Bloggers, journalists and copywriters love to link to their own content. Partners will quickly refer to their publications for other sites on articles published on your site.
  • Invite authors to interview you about the industry situation. Speaking as an expert, you can count on the publication of links to your site.
  • Give partners your product in exchange for a review. If you have chosen authors who cover the situation in your industry, you can count on links from thematic authoritative resources.
  • Motivate authors with bonuses for achieving a certain amount of social sharing of content published on your website or on authors' sites. This directly increases the reach of the audience and indirectly affects the number of natural links.
    • Cooperating with the authors, marketers should use their authority to increase the visibility of their business and build trust in the brand from the audience. External links refer to factors confirming the positive attitude of customers towards the company. Therefore, consider their quantity and quality when evaluating the effectiveness of cooperation with authors, mention the possibility of publishing links when discussing the conditions of cooperation, encourage partners for natural links. But do not be direct: do not give authors, the audience and search engines a reason to suspect you of trying to buy links. This is possible if you consider link building only as one of the elements of integrated internet marketing.

      Watch the video: Using Authority Links To Build Your Backlink Foundation (February 2020).


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