7 most important updates for VKontakte business in December

VKontakte is vigorously transformed from an entertainment platform into a marketplace. The first step in this direction was the introduction of VK Pay's own payment system. Toward the end of the year, several business updates were released at once. Sell ​​via "VKontakte" is becoming easier.

Advertising site in the news feed

In early December, VK launched a new advertising format. Banners with direct links to the advertised site are displayed immediately in the ribbon and on the walls of communities.

This is not only convenient, but also a profitable format - the advertiser does not pay for all the impressions, but only for those from which there were transitions to an external site. As is the case with other VC advertising formats, an expanded setting of the target audience is available: by geography, demography, interests, etc.

So it looks now:

Dynamic Retargeting Update

The first card in the announcements of the format "Carousel" can now be made the same for all users on whom the display conditions are set. The rest of the cards in the carousel, as before, will differ depending on the interests of a particular user. VKontakte advises to post general information at the beginning of the carousel - for example, how many days are left until the end of the action.

Live covers of business communities

With the “face” of the group, now you can make not only a static picture, but also cutting from different images or short videos. If desired, you can add sound to them. Live covers are displayed only in the mobile version of the VC and are currently available only to favorites. These included verified brand pages (with a blue check mark) and public records marked by Prometheus fire. However, in January, the update will become publicly available.

Live covers can be not only a decoration of the public, but also an effective advertising tool. They can tell about promotions, selected products from the range or place a call to action.

Direct links to the site in product cards

We have dedicated a separate post to this update. Buying products in groups has become easier - no longer need to write to administrators. The "Buy" button now leads to the product page in the online store. From there you can place an order in a standard way, through the basket.

Optimization of actions for the collection of applications

VKontakte engineers poshamanil something and increase the effectiveness of this format. They say that the results of filling increased by 65%, and the average cost of the application decreased by 35%. This can only be verified by experiment. If you work with this format, tell us about the successes.

Recall that the application collection tool helps to collect leads directly from the news feed. When clicking on a banner, the user gets on an auto-filled form, the data from which is drawn from the VK profile. The user will only have to enter the missing data and confirm the application. No need to go to external sites, register, fill in a bunch of fields ...

Separate block for articles

Many communities post the most important and interesting materials in Longrid format. Now you do not need to scroll the wall for a long time in their search - all articles can be collected in a separate section. A block of articles can be placed above or to the right of the wall by selecting the appropriate option in the community settings.

Updated certification rules for VKontakte specialists

This update is not for businessmen, but for those who work with them. Anyone who fails the test again will be able to pass it again in a month (and not in three, as before). The update is valid from December 7th. It is expected that now certified advertising professionals and SMM will be more.

Recall that everyone can get a personalized electronic certificate from "VKontakte". Take the test here.

Which of these innovations seem to you the most useful? Let's discuss!

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