The story of one author in Yandex.Dzen: easy money, hard labor and remorse

For exactly a year now, I became acquainted with the Yandex.Dzen platform and began to master it. During this time, six channels were created, of which five were monetized. I was blocked the same time, and the maximum daily earnings exceeded 7,000 rubles.

In general, I have something to tell, but about everything in order.

How it all began: errors with the choice of a niche and a topic that will never enter.

I started my journey to Yandex.DZen in December last year. A girlfriend told me about the platform, who wanted to experiment with the promotion in Telegram, but after learning about Zen, she started a beauty blog there, which very quickly began to gain momentum and remains one of the most successful in the niche to this day.

Seeing her success and reading a couple of articles on the topic, I decided that Yandex.Dzen is a real oil fountain for bloggers and copywriters. Judge for yourself:

  • No customers and deadlines. Write about what you want at a convenient time and without a billion edits.
  • Simple outrageous interface. I often met channels that are led by grandmothers of a pensioner.
  • Easy Money. You do not need to look for advertisers, puff over formats and taxes. Yandex takes care of everything.

But creating my first channel, I made all the possible mistakes. Let's start with the niche. The choice fell on the topic of cooking. Why? Because I wanted to attract a female audience. Especially, against the background of good performance in the "Beauty".

In addition, recipes and useful tips for hostesses took a minimum of time. But also brought a very modest income. Moreover, it took a whole month to monetize the channel.

Observation number 1: The first week, after creating the channel, you will receive a maximum of 5000-7000 hits. And the CTR will be low, because the algorithm has not yet determined your target audience, and shows articles to everyone in a row, collecting statistics.

Tip number 1: If you want to monetize in 4-5 days, create a stock of articles. In my experience, about 20 should suffice.

Through trial and error, I found out that my audience liked quick and simple recipes more, but useful information, like an article on palm oil, completely failed.

But all the "Napoleons in 15 minutes" and "Delicious pies that even a child will make" very quickly exhausted.

Observation number 2: Audience "Zen" more like entertainment content. Readers come here to be distracted, and not to learn "cases" and "guides" in marketing, sewing or programming. Even the topic of earnings, with investment tips or reasonable savings, rarely resonates.

Every day the situation on my channel was getting worse. I lost interest, and left the site, returning to copywriting.

Board number 2: Your topic may be narrow, say "electrician." But articles should be of interest to a wide range of readers. Example: "How to repair the outlet with your own hands: 5 tips."

Less than a week: the rules of fast monetization

I returned to Yandex.Den in the middle of March, with a channel about cars. Then this niche was still free, and I did not lose. The very first article scored several thousand views overnight:

Observation number 3: You can go to the monetization with the first article, if you manage to add unique content, which is still poorly covered in the open spaces of "Yandex.DZen", but "came in" from readers. However, today it is extremely difficult.

The niche was so free that in a couple of weeks the channel gathered 130 subscribers and more than 70,000 views.

But the idyll lasted less than a month. One morning, the screenings stopped, and the wallet froze. I turned in support, and they introduced me to such a thing as clickback.

In simple terms, clickback - This is a heading that disagrees with the content of the article, conceals some of the information and provokes the reader to open the material. An example from my channel:

How to avoid clickbate? Do not use demonstrative pronouns (these, this, this), and do not address the reader to "you" or "you." Less exclamation marks and epithets.

An explicit clickbait: "These chemists do the incredible! You have to see!"

As part of the rules: "Amateur chemists surprise people on the streets of Krasnoyarsk"

Observation number 4: How does the algorithm determine clickback in publications? The machine pays attention to the time spent by the reader on reading the article. If he opens the material, and closes after a few seconds - this is a bad sign.

Tip number 3: The support agent will never tell you exactly which article was the reason for the restriction. To unlock the channel for sure, it is better to delete all the articles and add 3 new ones that will exactly meet the requirements of Yandex.DZen. It's a shame, but effective.

Tip number 4: You can find out if the channel has been blocked or not. To do this, look at its code. If you see "none", then the matter is bad, and if it is "all", then everything is in order.

Ah, there were times: a recipe for good money

After the success of the first channel about cars, I could not wait for unlocking and created a new channel on automotive topics, added five articles with more careful headlines.

Alas, but the whole week the articles gained 200-300 views, and 5,000 hits maximum. I abandoned the channel and went on vacation, and when I returned, I discovered that during my absence the algorithm “poured” more than one hundred thousand impressions. Of course, the channel scored 7000 readings and could bring money if I went earlier and turned on monetization.

Observation 5: Do not be discouraged if your young channel is slowly gaining views, and the algorithm gives few hits. Statistics can jump sharply. Literally one day.

After the car "approved" the channel, articles began to receive tens and hundreds of thousands of hits, a large number of views. The number of subscribers has also grown rapidly. The dynamics is easy to follow on the "Metric":

Surely, you noticed two serious drawdowns, on the 20th of June and July. They are associated with two locks of my channel, but more on that in the next chapter. And now, we will talk about how to get the channel from 7,000 readings per week to 60,000 per day.

  1. Periodicity. You need to write regularly, better every day, but you can take short breaks. The main thing - do not allow "silence" for a week or more. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of karma points.
  2. Analytics. If you don’t know what to write about - take a look, articles on which topics your readers liked most and develop this area. In addition, you have such a great tool like Yandex.Metrica, where you can see the age, interests and other facts about your readers.

By the way, the opinion that “Zen” has an “age” audience is confirmed statistically:

Tip number 5: Do you think when it is better to publish articles? Try late in the evening (21: 00-00: 00) or in the morning (06: 00-09: 00). Often, they gain more views and do it faster, because at this time the official media are asleep, and you have a good opportunity to fill the information “hunger” of the Yandex.Dzen audience.

  1. Perelinkovka. Feel free to leave links to your other materials in the basement of the article. This improves behavioral factors - readers stay longer on your channel, which means that it is more likely that someone will open an advertising banner for them, thereby adding to your wallet.

In addition, this way you can seriously extend the life of articles that came out a long time, liked the audience, but the algorithm has already ceased to "twist" them in the tape.

It is best to leave links to other articles at the end of the material as a single unit:

  1. Utility. It sounds trite, but readers prefer useful materials. If we talk about automotive topics close to me, then articles about how to eliminate scratches in the salon yourself or avoid a fine for the rights left at home. But humor, such as a collection of pictures in the style of "austere repair in Russian", is becoming a thing of the past.

Tip number 6: To earn more, write long enough articles so that they contain both ad units, not just one at the end. No need to artificially "dilute" the text with pictures or useless paragraphs, which should not be there.

  1. Try different formats. If you write about cosmetics, tell not only about powders and lipsticks. Let the channel be reviews of facial masks, depilation products and the results of the Garra Ruff fish.

At the same time, I noticed that within one topic there is a division into microthemes. Let's again give an example from the category "auto". The authors of some channels focus on the history of the automotive industry, others share tips on how to repair the car yourself, and still others write reviews on used cars.

How justified is this? On the one hand, such a narrow specialization allows you to more accurately select your audience. But on the other hand, if your entire channel consists only of collections of used cars, then be prepared to block for spam. But more about that in the next chapter.

Observation number 6: The algorithm gives narratives noticeably less hits than articles. Regardless of CTR. This is not an axiom, but my rule works stably. On different channels, and in different subjects.

Observation number 7: Many authors are mistakenly trying to calculate the average earnings per 1000 readings. It is useless, because you are paid not for the amount of readings, but for contacts of readers with ad units. The task is complicated by the fact that banners have several formats with different conditions for payments. For example, the video should be watched to the end, and click on the banner.

It is important. You may have noticed that I am writing only about earnings from YAN units. Yes, I have no direct sales experience or setting up teaser networks in Zen. But I did not see any successful cases in this direction either.

There was a knock on the door: locks: what for, how to avoid, and what to do when it is too late?

My favorite topic. I am well acquainted with the blockages and restrictions of Yandex.DZen. Of my 6 channels, 5 received sanctions for clickbate, spam and other reasons. In this chapter, we will analyze what can block adequate channels, which inadvertently "stumbled".

Channels with frankly "yellow" and trash content are not considered. With them, everything is clear.

To begin with, the requirements of the service administration have become more stringent. But this is predictable, because the platform urgently needed to weed out a large number of low-quality channels.

Just because of them, many still don’t trust Yandex.Dzen, believing that only fictional family stories can repeat a lot of views here, repeated through one, alien tales with screaming headlines, etc.

But this is a mistake. I haven’t seen anything like this in the recommendations for a long time. She has become much more "decent", if I may say so. Another thing is that rarely one of the novice authors reads the requirements for publications, immediately starting to write.

So, here is the whole list of things that are banned in Yandex.DZen:

I think most points do not cause questions. Let's take a similar look at the concept of "spam" and the difference between duplicate, borrowed and partial content.

On clickbite, we stopped in more detail in previous chapters.

Observation number 8: The service really lacks a warning system. You will not be warned that any of the articles violate the requirements of the platform. Moreover, you will not be informed that the channel will already be blocked. You will learn about it, seeing a sharp drop in statistics and asking a support question directly.

"Spam"- information that is of no value to readers. In Yandex.Dzen spam is divided into 3 types: content, link and search. The first type includes collections of monotonous pictures, videos or texts.

As it is not difficult to guess, link spam is a link to other sites or publications that are not related to the topic of this article. And search engine spam is texts with SEO links and optimizer texts.

One of my channels was blocked for content spam. And I admit that it is quite fair:

Observation number 9: instead of liberalization, the administration of the service "tightens the screws." For example, if after blocking for clickbate, your channel can still be returned by sending it to double-check, then for spam, the channel is limited forever.

Tip number 7: Even if you really like one topic, you should not speculate with it to improve your statistics. In this case, you risk losing the channel due to content spam.

Duplicate content. You can not re-publish articles that have previously posted on your, or someone else's channel. By the way, if you delete an article and add it again, this will also be considered duplicate content.

Borrowed content. The rules of Yandex.DZen do not prohibit the use of other materials. For example, photos for the article. But there is a nuance: borrowing can only complement the publication, that is, there should be more copyright content. Collections with pictures from the Internet, which used to be common in the recommendations feed, will no longer pass.

Tip number 8: If you use someone else's photos and other materials, always indicate the author.

Partial content. In "Zen" you can not post the "halves" of articles, leaving links to sites or other channels where the continuation of the story is posted. I note that I often meet channels of writers who break up their artistic stories into 2.5 and even 10 parts. But such channels are not blocked, since each article is a complete chapter of the work.

Observation number 10: If you sincerely try to make high-quality author's content, the only thing you have to fear is the “kinks” with headlines. And how to avoid clickbate, we have already discussed.

Sinless author: even more views, but in accordance with the law.

I have been running my current channel since mid-October. It was created in March, but after two locks and returns, it was idle for several months without content.

Applying the tips that I described in the chapter on earnings, without clickbate, spam and other prohibited methods, I managed to get the channel out of 0 to 100,000 visitors per day in 3 weeks. As before, I post no more than 2 publications per day.

As you can see, even if the channel has been empty for a long time, it can be quickly brought to a high level, thanks to useful and diverse content, working with the layout, relinking, and other legitimate techniques.

Of course, it will be more difficult for a novice author to achieve the same results, but Yandex.Den is a great school for SMM players, copywriters and marketers who want to improve their headline and content management skills.

And I want to note that the leadership of "Zen" is actively fighting for the quality of materials on the platform. Thanks to their work, now there are practically no “HYIP” articles about fictional family dramas, political scandals and supernatural.

I am sure the service will continue to gain momentum and develop, increasing its weight and credibility in the media space. It is very interesting to look at the experience of big brands that will lead their channels here in the image of social networks.

Are you waiting for the vacancy of the author or channel editor in Yandex.Den from Panasonic, Audi or Vyatka kvass?

Watch the video: Типовые ошибки, приводящие к угасанию любви (February 2020).


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