Accept an order for pizza, offer a drink, write down the address: how is the bot useful in the messenger for food delivery

Article prepared Vladimir Bogdan, specialist in instant messenger marketing.

In the article we consider the main opportunities that a chat bot opens for a fast-food business with the option of delivery or pre-order. You will learn how to spend less time and effort by automating routine work.

It's about the most simple bots in Facebook Messenger, "VKontakte" or Telegram. They are fairly easy to create on special design platforms, even if you do not have programming skills.

At the end of the article you will find answers to the most common questions on creating chat bots.

Option number 1: automatic order taking

Your bot can work tirelessly 24/7 and perform the following tasks:

  • place a customer order directly in the social network / messenger dialog box;
  • in the same place to accept payment by credit card;
  • save all the necessary information and send it to your mail / mobile / social network, upload it to a Google spreadsheet or CRM.

For all this, only a small monthly fee is required for the respective designer on which you created it.

By the way, we recently published a step-by-step instruction on how to create a chat bot for VKontakte using Robochat and Senler.

How does this happen? You once create a bot-client communication algorithm in the constructor, and then it works with each user. It looks something like this:

  • Bot: "Hello! Connected to the Super Pizza! Want to eat?"
  • Customer (presses a button): "Yes, order a pizza!"
  • Bot: "Great! What pizza do you want today?" (gives a list of possible options with a description of the composition, size and price)
  • Customer: (selects the desired option)
  • Bot: "Super! Pizza" Pizza Name "is a great option! You often order juice, coke or beer with it. Will you have something to drink?" (gives buttons with options for drinks)
  • Customer: (selects a drink or presses the skip button)

After this, the bot asks the client for the delivery address and telephone number. The bot can also offer payment online or in cash upon receipt.

Chat bots in Facebook Messenger can show the user the phone number that he indicated during registration, with the ability to simply click on it. This will avoid errors during manual input and significantly increase the conversion to the order.

After placing the order bot:

  1. Notify your manager via instant messenger or by e-mail.
  2. Unload all the necessary data into CRM or Google-table: full name, pizza name, phone number, shipping address, payment information, etc.

If in the process of ordering the participation of a person is not required, the chat bot will cope with the task himself. At the same time, the manager can at any time "intercept" the communication from the bot in the chat or contact the client by phone if you need to clarify information / confirm the order.

Opportunity number 2 - repeat sales

The process of selling through the chat bot (as opposed to the site) is not a one-time. For repeat sales, you do not need to invest in remarketing and return customers to the site, paying advertising again and again.

As soon as a potential client began to interact with your bot (just signed up or entered into a dialogue), you immediately got the opportunity to write him whatever you want. At any time.

Of course, he has the ability to unsubscribe or block the bot. Therefore, spamming a client 5 times a day is by no means impossible. However, you can congratulate on holidays, announce promotions and special offers, just want a good mood. And it will be much more effective than email-posting or posting in social networks.

Why? There are several factors:

  • Opening of private messages - 70-90%. E-mails are read by only 15-30%, and social networks (thanks to smart tapes) show your publications to about 20% of subscribers.
  • Personalized communication. A bot can contact the user by name, mention previous orders and form offers based on the interests and preferences of the client.
  • Interactivity. In any message of the bot, you can add the ability to perform an action. For example, attach a survey or give a link to useful material.

Opportunity number 3 - the creation and segmentation of the client base

An important argument in the use of a chat bot is the accumulation of its own subscriber base, with which, as we have already learned, you can interact at any convenient time. Due to the segmentation of a wide number of parameters, it is possible to significantly improve the effectiveness of communication

Suppose you produce pizza and sushi. You have a promotion to a new position in the menu. Thanks to the bot, you know what products the subscribers ordered, what they were interested in, what they answered in the polls, etc. This will allow you to create lists for distribution by these parameters.

For example, your offer "Try new sushi!" You will be able to send to all people who are interested in or ordered sushi for the last month in the amount of at least 25 y. e., living in the city of N on the street. Pushkin. For pizza lovers, you can create an alternative: "Pizza is great, but maybe it's time to experiment?"

In this way, your entire audience will receive the information you wanted to convey, and at the same time will not consider it inappropriate or useless. Especially if repeated sales try to conduct through interactive polls, quizzes, useful content, game mechanics.

The diagram below shows an example of subscriber base segmentation. Based on the collected data, you can create unique collections of users. For example, you can make a newsletter only for customers who:

  • they took Margherita pizza more than twice in the last six months;
  • ordered it with delivery and bought with a drink.

In 5 clicks, you can create such a list of people from your subscribers and send them a message: "Today is a great drink as a gift to your favorite Margherita pizza! To order, click the button below."

You can assemble the database quickly enough, involving both old and new customers. To do this, use:

  • Shares like "Order from the chat bot and get a gift."
  • Connect to the bot regular customers through the mailing.
  • Paid ad bot in social networks for the target audience.
  • Widget subscription to the bot on the site.
  • A separate button on the site "Order from the chat bot."
  • Referral program that gives additional encouragement for the recommendations of the bot to friends.

Frequently asked questions

  • Where to get followers from?

Subscribers to the database need to be attracted by targeted advertising, mailing to the existing customer base, referral program and calls to subscribe in the cafe / restaurant itself.

It is easy to do: just offer a convincing gift for a bot subscription. For example, a discount coupon, free coffee or another drink, participation in the raffle of a valuable prize or any other bonus suitable for the audience.

  • Can the bot write first? For example, welcome new Instagram subscribers?

Not. In order for a bot to start a dialogue with a client, he needs to follow the link or click on the button in the advertisement. You can also make a QR code for a bot subscription and print it. You can also subscribe to the bot of all who leave a comment under the post, but it only works for Facebook.

In any of these cases, a person becomes a subscriber, if only he makes the first step to communicate with the chat bot.

  • Are there any bots in Instagram and WhatsApp?

As of 01/01/2019, there is no full-fledged bot API for these resources, but the developers promise its appearance soon. So far, there are semi-gray distribution methods for these resources. They are expensive, quite inconvenient to manage, sometimes lead to a ban of accounts.

  • Can a bot sell on their own?

A bot can bring to payment, but for this you need to invest a lot of time and effort in the study of user actions and programming logic of the bot. In the CIS, people are more willing to pay after the application is confirmed by a real manager in chat or by phone. A bot successfully copes with lead generation and client segmentation.

  • On which platforms is it best to create a bot or write code?

For Facebook Messenger I recommend using ManyChat. To create bots on different messengers, you can use, Botmother, FlowXO, WhatsHelp, TextBack, etc.

It makes sense to create self-written bots (and pay more) if you want to protect customer data, ensure good integration of the bot with CRM and product catalog. Or plan to create custom logic with a large number of variables.

  • How much is the creation of a chat bot?

A simple chat bot can be created independently on design platforms or ordered from freelancers for $ 400-500.

Creating an advanced chat bot from specialized studios and developers can cost from 1000-1500 to tens of thousands of dollars. The cost depends on the complexity of the development, the number of bot integrations with the CRM, analytics systems, website, product catalog, etc.

The content of the bot is the monthly fee to the service of creating a bot or payment for the server on which it operates. As a rule, services cost from $ 10 to $ 100 per month, depending on the package and the number of subscribers. Many design platforms have free packages or trial periods.

  • Where can I see examples of food delivery bots?

You can see how the bot works for clients in this video.

Chat bot delivery Khinkali in Kazan

Other examples:

  • Chat bot of Meiwei restaurant network in FB Messenger and Telegram.
  • Chat bot “Veranda Cafe” in Telegram.
  • Chat bot “Pesto Cafe” in FB Messenger.

To start the bot, do not forget to click "Start" or "Start" after clicking on the link.

Watch the video: Can You Make a Living as a Delivery App Bike Messenger? (December 2019).


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