How to build an SMM strategy: a step-by-step plan for advancement in social networks

According to Forrester Research, a marketing company, your customers travel from 66 to 90% of consumer travel on their own. According to Google, users buy an average of 10.4 publications before purchasing. And according to the Global Web Index, the average consumer has 5.8 accounts in social networks and actively uses 2.8 accounts. This means that you need to offer your audience high-quality social media content to help potential customers make the right consumer decisions. In this article, you will find a step by step description of the SMM strategy that will help you effectively promote your business in social networks.

Step 1: Determine Your Social Media Promotion Strategy

To develop a strategy, answer the following questions:

  • What do you want to achieve with SMM? Write down the goals you want to achieve. Define the tasks, solving which, you will complete the goals. Of course, you know that goals must be specific, measurable, achievable, related to your business and urgent. For example, the goal might look like this: for three months, an SMM campaign should increase the number of clicks to the site from social networks to 100 per day.
  • Who is your target audience? You must understand for whom you work and who you want to see on the site or in front of the cashier in the store. Create marketing persons that correspond to each segment of your audience.
  • What information does a consumer need to plan to buy your product? Try to simulate the consumer journey of your customers. The answer to this question will help you plan information campaigns.
  • What social networks are popular among representatives of your target audience? You must identify the sites that you will use to promote.
  • At what time do representatives of your target audience actively use social networks? The answer to this question will help you plan publication time.

Be sure to write down the answers to the questions.

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Step 2: Choose Tactics

After answering strategic questions you have to solve an important tactical task. Choose a tone and style of communication with the audience in social networks. You need to determine who will post notes and respond to comments, how you will communicate with clients and colleagues. Use the following guidelines:

  • Assign a person responsible for posting content on social networks. Encourage him to use an informal style of communication with the audience.
  • Choose a specialist who will play the role of chief expert. This can be a profile manager or a top manager. Suggest him to use business-like communication. This specialist must answer complex user questions or moderate conflicts.
  • Select the brand’s visual elements that you’ll use in SMM campaigns. Brand pages on social networks: use a recognizable Facebook cover, a Twitter header and a photo for Vkontakte.

Use your chosen tactics all the time to get your audience accustomed to your style.

Step 3: Create Content

This is the most important step in the construction of SMM-strategy, since the content is the foundation for the effective promotion of business in social networks. At the preparation stage you will be helped by an article about content planning. The following tips will make your content campaign effective:

  • Announce your own content. Also keep track of and republish the most popular materials.
  • Combine different types of content. Pay attention to the visual appeal of posts. This will help your publications attract users. Offer users infographics, photos, presentations, e-books, video infographics.
  • Stimulate users to create content. To do this, support discussions, hold contests and sweepstakes, ask for the opinions of customers.

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To increase your audience reach, ask your co-workers and friends to make reposts.

Step 4: Optimize Content

Even if you create very cool content, it will not be able to compete with cats, celebrities and nude, unless you optimize it. Use the following guidelines:

  • Add a bright photo to every post on Facebook, VKontakte and other networks. By the way, if the audience loves cats and naked celebrities, why not give it to them? Just do not abuse.
  • Write catchy headlines. You will help slaughter recipes.
  • Take care of the readability of the content. Read articles on usability and readability.
  • Make content visible to search engines. We are talking about both “Yandex” and Google, as well as the internal search for social networks. Use suitable keywords, specify metadata on the site. Be sure to use hashtags.
  • Use the site subscription widgets and sharing. For example, use the block "Share" from the largest search engine Runet.
  • Use calls to action. They help users navigate and perform the actions you need.

Make sure that the published content is available to the target audience.

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Step 5: Think about the conversion of social network users.

"Like", sharing and comments by themselves do not bring you deals and profits. To convert social network users to customers, you need to take additional steps. Think about such measures:

  • Specify contact details in social network profiles: phone number, email address, nickname in Skype. This is especially true if you are using networks as a virtual storefront.
  • Encourage users to leave contact information. For example, exchange discounts or valuable content for phone numbers or email addresses.
  • Send users who are interested in the product to the conversion landing page of the site. For example, this could be the current promotion page.
  • Send all users to the information section of your site. It should be a source of information necessary to make a purchasing decision.

Find a way to continue interacting with a subscriber outside Facebook or Google+.

Step 6: Communicate

Social networks are created for communication. To successfully promote a business, you need to communicate with potential customers and colleagues. Pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • Actively attract subscribers. To do this, publish relevant content and promote it in all available ways.
  • Offer to subscribe to your page to existing and potential customers. Motivate them with discounts, access to exclusive information, the opportunity to exchange opinions.
  • Participate in discussions in other groups. You need to gain credibility.
  • Ask industry-renowned experts to rate your content. This can bring you hundreds of subscriptions.
  • Respond to comments, encourage users to continue the discussion. The more active your audience, the more subscribers you will have.
  • Encourage the audience. Think how you can do it.

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Try by all means to revive the group or public. The success of the SMM campaign depends on it.

Step 7: Measure Promotional Results

Track SMM campaigns ROI. Use UTM-tags, watch for key metrics on the site. Follow these guidelines:

  • Follow the metrics on social networks. Pay attention to the number of subscribers, the number of reposts, comments and likes to posts. These indicators should grow.
  • Track traffic from social networks. You are interested in quantitative and qualitative indicators: the number of transitions, the behavior on the site, the conversion rate.
  • Keep track of business metrics: number of transactions, average check, income and profit. How does the SMM strategy affect sales? Does the money invested in the promotion pay off?

If you are not satisfied with the indicators, look for a way to improve the effectiveness of SMM.

Promotion strategy ...

... in social networks is part of integrated online marketing. Plan it taking into account the features of website promotion, the needs of the audience and the ways of selling your product. Evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy every six months. According to the results of the assessment you can make adjustments to it.

One, even the coolest, SMM strategy will not be enough to launch your marketing campaign to its fullest potential. In our agency you can order a full cycle promotion in social networks. Call the toll free number 8 (800) 775-16-41 for advice.

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