How can Internet marketing turn weaknesses into benefits?

In the spring of 1934, Henry Ford received a letter. One of those in which it expressed admiration for the latest car model, descended from the assembly line of the Ford plant, namely the model V-8.

This letter was not unusual, except for one detail - the name of the author. Wrote his elusive for the police gangster Clyde Barrow, along with Bonnie Parker robbing shops and gas stations, killing people, hacked safes and hijacked cars. Clyde thanked Mr. Ford for a great car and promised that from now on he would only steal Ford cars.

How did the famous auto industrialist react? He realized the benefits that can be derived from such an ambiguous message - and made public the letter of the gangster, creating a brilliant advertisement for his cars. By the way, Barrow kept his promise - and regularly drove the "Fords", stirring public interest in them and ensuring the popularity of the Ford plant.

In our opinion, this story perfectly illustrates the fact that sometimes even unpleasant situations can be gained. Some weaknesses in the work of any team can (if properly work with them) later turn to advantages. This fully applies to teams aimed at obtaining results through the implementation of content marketing strategy. If you are the leader of such a team, then this article is addressed primarily to you. We hope it will be useful to you.

If you have to do work for others

Your designer tells you: I do not have time to prepare the necessary illustrations for the materials. Your copywriter with a guilty smile informs you: I do not have time to finish the article by the deadline. Your content manager is overwhelmed with work and delays in publishing important material on the site.

The main thing is not to treat all this, as a terrible need to do something for others, do not ask yourself questions: why can't they take some of my responsibilities on themselves?

Better ask yourself: how else can I help my team so that we can do more?

Understand correctly: all this does not mean that you do not need to delegate (even as needed!). This means that if you take on the role of the leader of your team, then you should automatically assume all responsibility for the result. All the luck is the merit of the team, any failure is the fault of the manager. There are decisive moments when, for the sake of the case, the manager should be able to show modesty and help his colleague in his work.

Do not regard such situations as a burden, look at them as a chance to make a greater contribution to the cause (after all, this is the responsibility of the leader, isn’t it?)

If an angry letter from a client comes to corporate mail

Of course, your first reaction will be a keen desire to postpone drafting an answer for tomorrow. But you yourself understand that this can not be done?

Marketer always goes on a direct dialogue with customers. Especially if the latter express dissatisfaction with the quality of the company as a whole or its separate division, or employee. Try to play strongly in a weak position (not always it turns out, but it is real).

Use this letter as a reason to establish a constructive dialogue with the client:

  • Find out and explain to him the reason why the incident that outraged him occurred.
  • Do not make promises that this will not happen again if you are not 100% sure of this.
  • Use this situation as an excuse to change something for the better - work on compiling a list of "correct" questions and, pre-targeting your clients by sex, age, line of business, etc., formulate the right questions for each group (using Some things in common: on a five-point scale, evaluate the quality of our services (product)? What do you dislike about the work of our company? etc).

If you do not have time to write an article, but the material is definitely needed today

Save your time - create an article list instead of a bulky text. As practice shows, this is a winning format that is popular with the audience and can bring you dozens of likes and reposts.

If you want to create a video podcast for a long time, but lack of experience stops you

You understand that video content is an effective tool for interacting with the audience (perhaps even your competitors are already using it with might and main), but you are afraid that, by creating video clips on your subject, you will not be able to provide an adequate level of professional performance.

Your team does not have a copywriter who could write a good script for the video? No operator? Not allocated a budget for the purchase of high-quality equipment? And most importantly - there is no one to perform in the frame (all your colleagues are workhorses that do their job well, but have neither the desire to show acting skills, nor themselves).

Believe me, all this is not enough good reasons to postpone a great idea until better times. An interesting video can be made even from a mobile phone. Quality equipment when shooting a video is not as important as its quality content.

No screenwriter? But this is not an excuse at all in the era of free forms of expression of ideas, in an era when any laconic text that can be read out loud as a scenario basis, and it will not cut through the ears of literary people (that is, cause doubts: people don’t speak , so only publicists write). Yes, and do not forget about humor - it will be the highlight of the video, if only you can fill it with your script.

No brave man ready to stand in front of the camera and tell about your product? Look for him or, in the end, stand in front of the camera yourself - why not? Just drop fear and doubt - only the one who does nothing, does not make mistakes. Practice by developing the skill of correct behavior in front of the camera and the audience - this is absolutely the very skill that can be developed in yourself.

Who knows, maybe over time you can otzhigat on the camera as cool as he:

Watch the video: eBusiness Marketing Group - Focused on Your Success (February 2020).


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