Target audience: why know your client

Where does any business start? From the client. You already know who wants to buy a product from you or use your services? In this article, you will learn how to identify your target audience.

Target audience: what is it and when is it

The target audience (CA) is a group of users to which some promotional activities are directed, in which advertisers are interested and / or who are interested in any information.

The target audience is people who meet the need that your product or service solves.

Imagine you started building a house before you did a soil analysis. So with the analysis of Central Asia:

Ignorance of one's own target audience entails either a complete failure of the product on the market, or, as is most often found in practice, a significant increase in budgets for the creation and promotion of a product.

Example: The hostess of business has lowered a lot of money on leaflets and business cards that were stupidly scattered around the area or in the hallways. Calls on the site were few. Advertising costs were not justified.


Find out who most often require the services of a makeup artist on the road.

After analyzing the target audience, such portraits of clients appeared as:

  • brides and their mothers
  • women on maternity leave
  • residents of remote areas of the city

We established cooperation with large wedding salons, left information in kindergartens and schools for teachers and parents, and opened a salon group on the social network Vkontakte.

The chosen salon promotion strategy for interacting with its target audience contributed to high-quality feedback on the Internet.

After several months of work, it turned out that the salon group in the social network "Vkontakte" brings the majority of customers. At the exit, the masters themselves confirmed this, fixing the clients' responses. Refused contextual advertising, focused on the social network "Vkontakte".

It was also decided to create a separate page for the salon administrator, since this method of communication was noted as more convenient for clients.

Conclusion: it is necessary to identify and analyze the target audience at the initial stage of creating an advertising campaign.

Types of CA

In modern marketing practice, the following types of CA are distinguished:

1. Primary and indirect. The main audience makes a purchase decision, it is the initiator of the action, in contrast to the indirect one. Naturally, for us it will be a priority.

Example: The main audience of children's toys is children, and their mothers are an indirect audience. Although mothers carefully examine products for defects or safety of use, moreover, they pay for the purchase and are its initiators.

2. Wide and narrow Central Asian. It is clear from the name. Example: tea lovers - a wide audience, white fruit tea lovers - narrow.

3. Well, a classic example - audience from target group type. Central Asia in the field of business (B2B) and in the sphere of individual consumption (B2C).

You can still highlight the target audience for the purpose of visiting the site:

  • Central Asia, interested in site content (visitors come for information),
  • Visitors who are interested in the products and services of the site for later purchase.

Where to dig? We get information

You can get data about Central Asia using:

  • questionnaires;
  • interviewing;
  • polls.

Try to interview as many respondents as possible or conduct a survey of opinion leaders.

Search for information on forums, blogs, social networks (in groups or public pages) related topics.

Remember that on forums and blogs there is a "flashy minority", their opinions need to be carefully collected and analyzed: they form the image of the product. However, it should be noted that the statements of the "shrill minority" may not coincide with the opinion of the "silent majority" who purchases goods or services.

Example: The release of the third part of Diablo in a cartoon style terribly outraged the veterans of the game, but in August 2015 Activision Blizzard announced that the game had sold over 30 million copies.

Social networks "Vkontakte", Facebook, Instagram - is a springboard for research and polls, focus groups for your product or service.


  • Easy to segment an audience
  • A large number of answers of the interviewees,
  • Minimum investment
  • It does not take a lot of time.

When extracting data, always look for the causes and reasons for the consumption of goods. It is necessary to accurately represent the nature of your consumer.

Example: A survey about possible reasons for a snack helped Nestle to highlight such a segment of Central Asia as "depressed chocolate lovers" who prefer to buy sweets in expensive boxes. A new candy promotion strategy has increased sales and lowered the cost of promotion, thanks to the narrowing of the audience.

It is important to conduct interviews with the so-called “purchase initiators”: for example, when buying children's furniture, men's trousers or shirts, women also belong to the target audience, because more often they decide to purchase.

Client's portrait: what's the use

Based on the client’s portrait, you can:

1. To make marketing campaigns (advertising, commercial offers, content, etc.) as “maximized” as possible for the needs of a specific target audience.

2. Formulate a competent offer: find out the problem of customers and promise to solve it.

3. To work out the benefits of the consumer, to make USP.

4. Identify the triggers for the influence and motivation of the client.

5. Find out the main promotion channels on the Internet, for example, using the compliance index (more on it later).

The more details in the portrait, the more characteristics it takes into account, the higher the chance to create a proposal that best suits the needs of your target audience.

Segment target market with 5W

1. What (what) - description of the specific properties of the product / service;

2. Who (who) - the characteristics of a potential client;

3. Why (why) - what guides the consumer when choosing a product or service;

4. When (when) - the time of purchase;

5. Where (where) - the place of sale of goods / services.


Segment the audience:


  • Turnkey house construction,
  • Internal and external decoration of the house,
  • Conducting water supply system,
  • Plumbing installation,
  • Installation of heating equipment
  • House roofing.


  • A family dreaming of their own housing,
  • Family wishing to improve their living conditions
  • A young family that wants to live separately from their parents
  • Family with children
  • Family wishing to move out of town
  • Family of working pensioners.


  • The speed of construction or the provision of related services
  • The opportunity to save money
  • The opportunity to find good builders,
  • The opportunity to see the project documentation and preliminary calculations,
  • The opportunity to receive services in the complex (turnkey),
  • The ability to evaluate the work performed (portfolio),
  • Availability of a guarantee for work,
  • The conclusion of the contract-contract.


  • After hearing good reviews from friends,
  • In the season of discounts and promotions,


  • Site,
  • Vkontakte community",
  • Landing
Use the technique of multiple segmentation - work with the entire market, but taking into account the differences between the segments.

You should have portraits of real customers, with certain types of behavior when purchasing services or goods.


Based on the analysis of all members of the Vkontakte group, a client's portrait in the group of copywriters in the community:

Collected manually or automatically, the data on the target audience will allow you to determine the right promotion strategy. Let us consider in more detail the basic parameters for segmentation.

Characteristics for describing the target audience

Determining the target audience may depend on the following parameters:

  • Geographical,
  • Demographic,
  • Socio-economic,
  • Psychographic,
  • Peculiarities of behavior.

Geolocation: what area are you from, kid?

Location information allows us to display goods only to residents of a specified location. Also, geolocation allows us to anticipate customer needs.

Example: Novosibirsk is cold so the demand for down jackets will be clearly higher than on surfboards.

Whose are you, serf? Demographic characteristics

Needs and preferences, as well as the intensity of consumption of the goods are very often closely connected with the demographic characteristics.

Demographic characteristics are easy to measure, unlike other segmentation criteria.

Variables: age, gender, nationality, children and marital status.

Also, when segmenting the market according to demographic characteristics, it is necessary to take into account the sphere in which a person works.


What to consider when creating ads when typing? Age of children involved and gender.

CA: the main - girls from 6-12 years old, primary schoolgirls, secondary - their mothers, usually married, of all nationalities.

The initial form of advertisements to the school-studio:

Changed after long disputes:

It was not possible to convince that the address of "Vkontakte" is not needed. However, there were feedback, thanks to the balls!

Socio-economic: is there money? And if I find

The characteristics of the consumer are considered: his employment, education, source and amount of income, which serves as the basis of purchasing power.

Example: teenagers - schoolchildren or students, depend on parents, a small income. Gift promotions for school students or student ticket discounts. "Present a diary without triples and get a gift," as a marketing trick.

Sex differences, age and consumer abilities affect the type of goods or services purchased.

Therefore, we so often see advertising for the sale of medicines for pensioners, and car advertising is designed for people of 35-49 years old. For entrepreneurs and managers, the first place is occupied by those goods and services that are associated with prestige.

However, consumer activity depends on psychological characteristics, which must also be taken into account when drawing up a portrait of a consumer.

Psychographic segmentation

A real Klondike for the study of Central Asia: a way of life (a homebody or an adventurer on your head), values, life principles, speed of decision making, presence of idols to follow, fears, problems and dreams.

Knowing the tendency of a person to constant change, or vice versa, about his conservatism, it is possible to make the text of the publication attractive for a particular group of consumers.

It is very important to understand the features of the promotion of goods or services in fan communities.

We often make purchases on an emotional level, under the influence of positive emotions, such as emotion, nostalgia, the joy of recognition. Find out what your customers are dreaming about or missing.

Those who believe, fly, those who are greedy, run away: behaviors

Behavioral market segmentation - the selection of those parameters that can describe the moment of choice, making a purchase and use of the goods.

Some of them:

  • What is the driving force behind the purchase: the level of service, confirmation of status, the ability to save money, price, speed of service, etc .;
  • What is the reason to purchase the product / use the service: everyday purchase or a special case;
  • The nature of the client's expectations from the purchase of a product or service;
  • How urgently you need to solve the problem - the degree of involvement in the purchase.

Here too brand attitude - how it relates to the product: loyal, hostile, indifferent, etc .:

1. Dedicated users: know the brand, buy the brand, are absolutely loyal to the brand and do not switch to competitors;

2. Loyal users: know the brand, buy the brand, but sometimes acquire other brands;

3. Weakly interested: know the brand, but do not buy it;

4. Not interested: do not use and do not know.

Another indicator - how often buys a product / service, that is, the level of intensity of consumption of the product (frequency, experience of use, adaptation to the product).

Members of the group

a brief description of


Consist only in your group and buy from you


Buy goods in other competing groups


We bought from you before, but for some reason turned to competitors


Never bought a product and have no experience in using it.


Generally did not buy goods on the Internet

An example of the table of intensity of consumption of goods by members

Aim and shoot: work with target audience

Creating a USP

After you draw portraits of target groups, take the time and effort to make a separate advertisement, banners or landing pages for each target group. Create for them your unique selling proposition. This will be an exact hit "in the apple."

If you make the UTP under a narrow segment of Central Asia, the conversion to the target action will be higher!


The company selling heating equipment, water supply and sanitation.

UTP and advertising requests "Water heater in the country", "Water heaters for a private house", "Put a water heater in a private house":

Salon "Gidromontazh" provides wholesale and retail sales of heating equipment.

"Perform installation work, any complexity, heating systems, water supply and sewer network. Designing projects, equipment selection and advice for FREE."

Key parameters are taken from the head and do not take into account the real characters and their motivation to purchase.

After analyzing the CA. Hypothesis - the middle class and above, live in luxury homes, unlimited budget, tighten deadlines, confirmed. After studying the CA of adjacent groups, we make universal accents for warranty and quick installation:

"The heating boiler from Italian manufacturers is a great solution for a house with a lot of water points."

"Salon" Gidromontazh "- only certified equipment and high-quality components.

15 years on the market of services. Fast installation of water supply systems in a private house: an experienced team of installers with their equipment in three days. "

Affinity Index

The Compliance Index helps determine how a particular ad channel matches the target audience you need. It significantly affects the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and the cost of contact with the target audience.

Comparing the "Affinity Index" with other indicators - visits, refusals, conversion, you can determine the preferences of visitors, which are best converted.


Of the total number of website visitors, 10% watched your video, and among women, 11% watched this video, and only 7% of men watched it. For women, the compliance index is: 11/10 * 100 = 110. For men, 7/10 * 100 = 70. In this case, we can say that this video corresponds more to the female audience.

Central Asia and promotion channels


Target audience - search robots. Selection of keywords and phrases, bringing the site into compliance with the requirements of search engines.

Incorrect CA will lead to errors in the list of key queries for search engine promotion.

Content marketing

The topics of your content should be interesting for CA and be one of the topics in which you are an expert.

A successful strategy does not mean that you must provide viral content. You just have to be consistent and sincere with your customers.

Targeted Advertising

Targeting allows you to work only with the target audience that has certain characteristics and show ads only to a selected group of people.

A new study of Nielsen: mobile advertising targeting in 60% of cases reaches its goal, more than half of the mobile advertising hits from April to June in 2016 found their own CA. In 2015, coverage was only 49%.

Targeted advertising in social networks is one of the most actively developing online marketing channels.


Adapt the created content for different social networks.

On December 22, 2016, the social network VKontakte launched a look-alike targeting. Now you can target to an audience that is similar to yours according to certain characteristics and interests.

Also in the settings of advertisements appeared geotargeting settings, but so far there are no settings for those who live in this place, often happens or travels in this place, as it is implemented in Facebook. The developers will soon promise the possibility of targeting the "home", "work" and "right now in this place."

Interests are determined by Facebook not only on the basis of the specified user data, but also automatically - on the basis of activity: with what content it interacts, in what groups it is.

Instagram targeting options are similar to Facebook, but it's worth remembering that users use these social networks for different purposes.

contextual advertising

If your target audience does not order a product or service through social networks (which sometimes happens), use contextual advertising. Contextual search advertising is displayed in response to a user request.

User requests are divided into:

1. Target requests. Запрос конкретного товара или услуги, для приобретения пользователем. Точное вхождение, к примеру, "купить водонагреватель в Уфе";

2Customer inquiries - from users who want to make a purchase, but doubt. For these, they write native advertising, storytelling, article lists, tops, etc. "Top 10 models of water heaters";

3. Related requests - requests of close subjects, not aimed at finding your product or service - "History of the invention of water heaters".

Email marketing

For mailing efficiency, be sure to segment users by:

  • interests
  • clicked on the newsletter
  • replies to the newsletter,
  • professions.

Stereotypes and their impact on Central Asia

Our brain diligently generalizes information about the world around us, therefore stereotypes are formed automatically in our perception and act both on a conscious and subconscious level.

Consider them when working with portraits of target groups and when creating advertising images.

The most common stereotypes occur:

  • gender (women are more emotional than men);
  • age (old people - decrepit and sick a lot, young - active);
  • nationalities (residents of neighboring countries - unskilled workers, the British - prudish, Germans - punctual);
  • professional (type programmer, etc.);
  • social affiliation (a professor is necessarily cultural, and a factory worker is ill-mannered);
  • appearance (pursed lips - an evil person, bespectacled - intelligent, handsome means good, etc.).

It would be appropriate to mention the current stereotypes that increase the credibility of the site / blog / group. It is worth considering:

1. Design and thoughtful design, convenient usability;

2. The presence of expert opinion among the partners - well-known brands;

3. Corporate ethics and Western business technologies;

4. Organizations acting as news sources attract more attention than companies that spread irrelevant information.

List of useful programs and services

Automatic data collection programs will allow you to explore your target audience quickly and conveniently, possibly even free of charge. - there is an opportunity to try for free, convenient functionality.


A popular western service with many useful features, including even poll targeting-

Google Forms, of course, is convenient and free.

Google Analytics and Yandex. Metric - I will leave without comment.

Yandex Audiences will help you to build segments for targeting your ad based on a list of regular customers.

Google Trends is a tool for determining the mood of the target audience: what keywords do users use to find your product, how often has user interest in a product / service changed, as well as the number of requests and regional affiliation of requests.

And finally

You can not treat the analysis of Central Asia, as the formalities - you will lose both time and money.

It is necessary to solve real problems and the immediate needs of your potential customers, this is exactly what the portraiture is for.

The portrait of the target audience may vary. It must be compiled or edited at the launch of each new advertising campaign.

Watch the video: Know Your Client. Identifying Your Intended Audience And Target Client (December 2019).


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