How to build a relationship with a marketing agency or SEO provider

Owners of Internet resources often face difficulties in working with Internet marketing agencies. Businessmen in nightmares see SEOs explaining the drop in traffic by some algorithms and sanctions. They are ready to be rude to marketers, offering to wait for the result a little more. And what they are ready to do with representatives of agencies hinting at an increase in the budget outside the plan remains to be guessed.

Entrepreneurs face similar problems due to a lack of understanding with marketers. Experts of content marketing agencies, SEO-providers, web studios do not always quickly and accurately determine the needs of the business, so they can not meet them. Below you will find recommendations that will help overcome misunderstandings on the part of studios and agencies and establish constructive relationships with them.

1. Tell marketers in detail the history of the project.

The results of promoting projects on the Internet depend not only on current marketing efforts, but also on previous efforts. Search engines have a good memory, so today's failures are often explained by actions that you have long forgotten.

Tell marketers the full story of the creation and promotion of the project. List all the approaches that you or your previous marketing provider used to develop the site. Make sure marketers know about all purchased and rented links. Do not forget about guest posts, which Google since 2014 does not consider an acceptable way of link building.

External links are far from the only part of the project history that marketers need to know about. Tell the agency experts about the preferences of your audience, market characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the product. Remember, a marketing provider will give you results if they understand your business.

2. Look for causes of success and failure along with the agency.

Every internet project is facing ups and downs. If site traffic has fallen, do not rush to blame your marketers for incompetence. Instead, determine the causes of deterioration and the way to eliminate them. If site traffic has temporarily decreased due to objective factors, the marketing provider will be the first to help you stabilize the situation.

Do not rush to wear agency staff on hand in case of obvious success. A sharp increase in attendance, conversions or other indicators also happens due to objective factors. By jointly determining the causes of the ups and downs, the entrepreneur and the employees of the marketing agency get an idea of ​​the effectiveness of the chosen promotion methods.

3. Inform partners about your actions.

External marketers should be aware of all the actions that you perform to promote the project yourself. For example, notify partners about the publication of content on third-party resources, work in social networks, changes in product mix or price policy.

Make sure the marketing provider knows about the changes on the site. Imagine the following situation: you published the material, and the agency’s employees support it by reposting in social networks. Then, for some reason, you delete the article or change the URL of the page. Users of social networks will fall for the error 404, the marketing efforts of your partners will be wasted. To avoid such situations, it is necessary to coordinate efforts with the marketing provider.

4. Provide partners with maximum access to information.

It was noted above that a marketing agency will provide you with results if it understands your business. Therefore, provide contractors with maximum access to business information. Of course, you will not share technological secrets, production recipes, etc. with your partners. However, the agency must have access to marketing data, including web analytics information, sales information, channels to attract consumers.

Please note that you must have access to information about your partner’s actions. Do not limit yourself to reading periodic reports. Be in touch with your manager, be interested in current plans and actions of the marketer.

5. Quickly answer questions

If a marketing agency staff asks you questions, they need information to promote your project. Try to quickly provide your manager with the required information. Do not refuse to communicate directly with the technical specialists of the marketing provider.

In turn, ask questions to partners and demand prompt answers. This is especially important if you perform some of the marketing functions yourself.

6. Ask marketers to report risks to you.

Marketers use well-known approaches to the promotion of projects. They usually think that you understand all the advantages and disadvantages of using a particular method. Because of this, conflicts often occur: you believe that partners are to blame for the failure, and the marketing provider explains everything with the risk involved. For example, this happens when buying links, changing pricing policies, buying expensive advertising, etc.

Therefore, demand that your manager told you about the main risks of using one or another method of promotion. You will understand whether you want to take the risk, be able to make adjustments to the marketing campaign, plan your actions in case of risk triggering.

7. Do not delegate one task to several agencies simultaneously.

In this case, you will not get the desired result. For example, if you entrust the promotion of a project in social networks to two agencies, this does not provide synergies. Delegate the implementation of the marketing campaign and control over its effectiveness to one partner. In this case, you will know who to ask for failures and who to thank for success.

8. Respect confidential information and request the same from the agency.

When signing a cooperation agreement with a marketing provider, pay attention to privacy guarantees. Discuss with the responsible persons the real mechanisms for the protection of your data. This is necessary to prevent conflicts related to the dissemination of business information.

For example, you order an analytical review to a marketing agency and publish it on your own behalf. After two weeks, you find a link to this material in your partner's portfolio. Such nuances should be discussed in advance.

9. Make sure the partner understands what you want.

Do not start cooperation with a marketing agency until you are sure that the responsible persons clearly understand what you want. Discuss with your partners specific indicators that you want to achieve as a result of cooperation. The marketing provider must understand your desire and confirm the possibility of its execution. If possible, fix the agreement in writing.

10. Discuss the terms of cooperation in detail before signing the contract.

Ask the marketing agency to make a detailed estimate of the promotion before starting work. Find out under what circumstances your expenses may increase and what is the likelihood of such a development. So you protect yourself from unpleasant surprises and conflicts with marketers in case of need for unplanned expenses.

11. Do not blackmail partners with competitors' prices.

If you applied to agency A, do not ask him to work according to the price list of agency B. Of course, you can get discounts if you are dealing with a young marketing provider experiencing a shortage of orders. But imagine the mood with which marketers will work with your site.

Choose an agency whose price is fair. So you will ensure a normal working relationship with your partner and protect yourself from conscious or unconscious sabotage.

12. Allow marketers to prove their competence.

Marketing providers can not always provide you with comprehensive information about implemented projects. This is due to the need for confidentiality, which was discussed above.

Look for marketers you trust enough to give a chance to prove your competence. Of course, in such a situation there is a risk of loss of time and financial resources. However, sometimes you can not do without the risk.

13. Listen to the recommendations of marketers.

Cooperating with marketing agencies, entrepreneurs often hear recommendations that are not directly related to the area of ​​cooperation. For example, SMM specialists may notice that it would not be bad for you to change the design and refine the usability of the resource.

Collect these tips and try to bring to life. Why are free tips helpful? Marketers work with different projects and notice patterns that resource owners do not see.

14. Do not ask to copy competitors campaigns.

Sometimes owners of online projects ask marketers to do something just because competitors have something to do with it. Vasya hung up on the main slider and screwed the forum to the resource, but Peter does not want to be left behind. A professional partner will dissuade you from useless actions and expenses. But after all, someone may not resist the temptation and act on the principle "every whim for your money."

Ask your marketing provider to evaluate the feasibility of certain innovations for your project. It will save your resources.

15. Look for marketers with whom you agree to work long

Long-term cooperation with one marketing provider is preferable to quarterly change of partners. So look for an agency that you can work with for a long time. To do this, you must choose a studio that you trust.

Evaluate the marketing agency for its reputation, personal qualities of the manager and responsible employees, implemented projects. Learn the methods that your potential partner uses to promote projects.

The main condition for a good working relationship between an entrepreneur and a marketing agency is trust. Use the above recommendations to avoid mutual dissatisfaction and solve your problems with your partner.

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