Brains against sex: a short experiment in the promotion of the group "Vkontakte"

Image freelancer group - an effective way to find customers in the social network "Vkontakte", which is used by many of my colleagues in the shop. The history of the experiment: the creation and promotion of the public in an unusual format.

Choosing a name: as you call a group, it will float. By the sea of ​​Vkontakte content

I will not describe the technical details of the creation or decoration of the group "Vkontakte", everything is written before me. I will show how I chose the first version of the name. In the search for "Vkontakte" groups for "rewrite, copyright" requests, more than 1000 communities.

According to the key words "copywriting or content manager" the number of communities is 1588 and 112, respectively:

Communities dedicated to SMM-promotion - 1306. By the name of the profession - a copywriter found 899 communities.

After entering the key phrases, an SMM marketer, a content marketer, or content for a site, there were few search groups on request:

"What you need!" - I decided. So the group "cONtent" appeared. Added friends to followers - so as not to empty, sketched themed pictures, acquired an avatar. The group appeared, but orders from it did not arrive. It is time to think about its progress, to draw up a strategic plan and follow it strictly.

What kind of content does not offer the community "Vkontakte": quality, good, mobile, dirty, usable. I decided that my content would be based on such leading vital forces in the history of mankind as sexuality and intelligence.

But which of the two types of intelligence: mental or sensual, is leading for Internet users?

Intellectual appeal against sexual

Human mental intelligence responsible for meeting information needs at the highest level.

Life force inspiring progress and creativity, aimed at the continuation of the species - sexual or sensual intelligence.

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On the Internet it is equally easy to find access to various information resources: sexuality is closely intertwined with intelligence.

So, I decided to conduct a set of activities for the promotion of the group and at the same time find out what content would attract more interest in my group: based on sexual or mental intelligence.

I want to apologize to women in advance: it so happened that among the customers of my services are males. Therefore, the experiment used attempts to attract the attention of a male audience.

Selection of tools for promotion of the Vkontakte group

Before embarking on an experiment, it was necessary to determine the methods of promotion. And do not require cash infusions.

For this, I:

  1. I read the article Effective promotion of "Vkontakte": 50 tips and a lot of useful services.
  2. Analyzed the most popular posts of related communities using the SMMBOX to select really effective tools.

On the basis of the data obtained for the promotion of the group were selected such SMM promotion tools, as:

  1. Advertise your group in other groups;
  2. Prize draw for subscribers;
  3. Attracting custom content;
  4. Offer for subscribers discounts;
  5. Publishing entertainment content;
  6. Provocative and visually attractive posts;
  7. Fixing the best posts.

We start the experiment: a good plan today is better than a perfect tomorrow.

Do you remember Volkov’s children's fairy tale: The Scarecrow, the Woodman and the Lion came to Houdwin for his brains, courage and heart? Each of them asked for content by need. I also want to become a wizard and satisfy the desires of my subscribers. But first you need to attract them. So, at the start of the experiment in the group - 111 subscribers and a couple of posts.

Start: September 2016.

Summarizing: November 2016.

The purpose of the experiment: evaluation of the effectiveness of the selected strategies based on the calculation of the Engagement Rate.

Target objectives: the definition of viral content by the reaction of Central Asia, depending on the chosen strategy, and of course, the attraction of new subscribers and future customers.

What is the engagement rate?

The metric with the clever name "engagement ratio" was developed by the Socialbakers service to assess the effectiveness of content policy.

The fact is that the growth of individual indicators: likes, comments or reposts cannot be assessed as a categorical indicator of success in SMM.

So, Eric Raes calls this effect "theater of success" or a fair of vain figures. But these indicators can be used to calculate the involvement rate, which allows you to get answers to two important questions of strategy effectiveness:

  • How relevant and interesting is the content you publish?
  • Have you defined your target CA?

Engagement Ratio helps you:

  1. Assess the quality of your content from both subscribers and just group visitors;
  2. Determine the level of involvement of existing subscribers (for each day or post of the group);
  3. Monitor the growth or decline of user engagement with each day or post;
  4. So in general, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your actions to promote the group.

Smart vs Hot: content battle

Conditional name of the strategy



Group name

Sell ​​smart content

Cooking hot content

Used promotion tools

- advertise your group in other groups;

- drawing prizes for subscribers;

- attracting custom content;

- provocative and visually attractive posts;

- consolidation of the best posts.

- advertise your group in other groups;

- offering subscribers discounts;

- publication of entertainment content;

- provocative and visually attractive posts;

- consolidation of the best posts.

Period of use



Tracking results

To compare the effectiveness of strategies:

1. Calculate the number of unique visitors and views;

2. Find out the amount of full audience coverage;

3. Calculate the total number of likes, reposts and comments for posts;

4. Calculate the average ratio of involvement in coverage for each strategy and identify the most effective.

Appearance of communities for comparison:

Statistics screenshots:

Not so long ago, in our group "VKontakte" we conducted a survey among subscribers on the topic "Hot advertisements for Makfa: fire or shit," and also learned the opinion of our experts. What do you think about this?

And here is the male audience arrived in public:

So, my calculation was justified: masculine, like a moth to the fire, reached for hot.

In order not to bore you with calculations, I will show the number of likes, reposts and comments in the form of bar charts by months. Unfortunately, standard means of "Vkontakte" cannot do this yet, using SMMBOX:

By the way, "Vkontakte" an opportunity to assess the coverage of posts, which facilitated my work in the calculations. To do this, select the statistics item in the post menu.

Typically, the engagement ratio (ER) is calculated based on the number of subscribers in a group:

But the average VK user is simultaneously subscribed to about 100 communities, his active participation in your community in the feed is significantly reduced. Therefore, it is more objective to consider the ER from the coverage of the post or the daily coverage of the group.

New statistics from Vkontakte works this way: it shows you the real involvement of users and their relationship to the content you publish. However, you can only analyze the effectiveness of your own content - without comparison with competitors.

Screenshots of the best posts:

Do not be confused by the new cover and the name of the group in the screenshots (I’ve already changed the name) - there’s just no other way to show the new Vkontakte statistics.

Post-link to Catherine Kushnir's excellent article on the Texterra blog

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Summing up: Intellect or sexuality?

The results are more convenient to show in the table:

I got some pretty interesting conclusions: content based on sexual attractiveness brought me more views, including those outside the group: ER 45% vs. 29%. However, customers no longer became, so engagement did not increase the number of requests for services.

The increase in the number of subscribers in September showed that drawing prizes for colleagues turned out to be more attractive than the promised discounts to customers. A low percentage of joining a group of shared posts indicates that most of the subscribers to me were brought by an advertisement of the group in other public posts.

So, it became more convenient to determine exactly which posts do Central Asia like and what attracts subscribers to join the group using the engagement factor and the new statistics on the coverage of Vkontakte posts.

The day is not far off when the intellectualization of users' sexual desire will become a content trend in online promotion.

Be a real wizard who would not come to you: Scarecrow, Woodcutter or a girl with bows. To attract the attention of the audience, use content that affects sexual intelligence. Convert subscribers to customers will help you content based on the mental needs of users.

Watch the video: Social Influence: Crash Course Psychology #38 (February 2020).


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