7 SMM tricks you haven’t heard of

SMM specialists use a limited set of tools. Provocative content, eye-catching photos with cats and children, polls and prize draws - all this quickly fills the teeth. The audience spoiled by an abundance of information sluggishly responds to the content published by brands. In such a situation, marketers win, having in their arsenal tricks and tricks that can stir the reader. In this article you will find a description of such tricks.

Trick 1: Show off your positive customer feedback on Facebook

On average, 35% of comments on brand pages on Facebook are positive reviews, commendations and compliments. The remaining 65% often have a neutral character. These are questions of users, links to any publications, etc. Neutral publications and comments are always more, so they hide compliments. But you can change this situation. To do this, use the following recommendations:

  • Select the "View Action Log" menu.
  • In the control box on the left, select "Published by others."
  • Select the publications that should be displayed in your chronicle using the "Included in the chronicle" icon to the right of the note.

Trick 2: Format Google+ Posts

We already talked about formatting posts on Google+ in an article about increasing traffic using this social network. So that you do not search for the necessary codes for a long time, use the following hint:

If you did everything right, you will get this post:

Trick 3: Find Out What Photos Your Customers Stores And Restaurants Post To Instagram

This trick will be useful for owners of offline businesses: shops, catering establishments, etc. You can see which photos are published in Instagram by visitors to your outlets. This will let you know what your customers like or dislike.

Use the following guidelines:

  • Take a picture of something in your restaurant or store. Activate the option "Add to photo map" and mark the place.
  • Post a photo. After posting a photo will appear above the link with the name of the place that you have marked.
  • Follow the link and see what other users publish photos.

Trick number 4: change the look of your Twitter account

You can make your Twitter account more visible by changing its appearance. The microblogging service allows you to use branded wallpaper, as well as choose the color of links and hashtags.

To customize the profile, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen and go to the "Settings" menu.

In the left control unit select "Appearance". Use the "Customize your own theme" menu to brand your profile.

Trick 5: Post Visual Content on LinkedIn

This is a trivial tip for users of Facebook, VKontakte and most other social networks. However, LinkedIn users act in the old fashioned way: they most often publish links and text notes. Because of this, the LinkedIn news link looks pretty boring, which is generally normal for a business network.

But who said brands should be boring and old-fashioned? Post photos, YouTube videos, SlideShare presentations and other visual content to LinkedIn. Like other social networks, LinkedIn users can watch YouTube videos, presentations, and other visual content without leaving their news feed. By the way, according to LinkedIn, posts with video content are gaining 75% more spreads than text notes. And photos get 98% more comments compared to posts without visual content.

Trick 6: Use Pinterest to Attract Customers

Still think that social networks serve only for abstract branding, some kind of increase in awareness and increase in the coverage of something there? And some brands are already selling with the help of Pinterest.

This social network is suitable for selling clothes, jewelry, decor items and many other products. Of course, you can hardly sell Pinterest life insurance policy or virtual hosting services through Pinterest. However, the visually attractive products that cause impulse demand, diverge here like hot cakes.

To sell products on Pinterest, follow these steps:

  • Open profile for search engines.
  • Use relevant keywords when creating profile descriptions and boards.
  • Use appropriate hashtags.
  • Publish the phone number of the sales department in the geolocation field.

Trick 7: Allow the audience to “share” your content in one click

Of course, you already use the social networking sharing buttons. Complete them with pre-filled tweet links. They are created like this:

  • The first part of the link looks like this: //twitter.com/home/?status=.
  • Now add the text that should surround the tweet. Suppose you selected the text "Wow! Great content". Add this text to the link after the equal sign. Instead of spaces, use a plus sign. //twitter.com/home/?status=Wow!+Great+content
  • After the colon, add a link. This can be a full or abbreviated URL. //twitter.com/home/?status=Wow!+Great+content:+/blog/
  • Publish the resulting URL to the site as a hyperlink. Use a suitable anchor: tweets it just like that.

Every acrobat has his own tricks

Every marketer has a set of tools that he uses most often. However, sooner or later, experts are faced with the need to develop new marketing methods. Please share your favorite SMM tricks in the comments. Perhaps they will be useful to your colleagues.

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