Monitoring social networks for reputation management: 10 services that can do it

Business creates special channels for working with clients: hotline, forms on the website, chat bots, etc. But a disgruntled buyer / user can go with the problem where it is convenient for him. In social networks.

Perhaps the post will go unnoticed. Or - pick up a lot of repost, comments and likes, will cause people's anger. In this case, silence can be costly. Reputation is easy to lose, but difficult to recover.

To quickly get in touch with customers, as well as to neutralize the negatives of trolls, haters, unscrupulous competitors - you need to regularly monitor references to the brand in the network. Manually it is impossible to do this, and it is not necessary when there are special tools.

In our collection - 10 services for reputation management through the monitoring of social networks, media, forums, blogs and other resources. The article will be useful for entrepreneurs, managers, marketers, PR specialists, SMM-specialists, technical support staff.



"Medialogia" is an automatic system for monitoring and analyzing media and social media, entered into the state register of Russian software.


  • Search for 800 million sources, including VKontakte, LiveJournal, Telegram, Odnoklassniki, Yandex.Market and many other resources.
  • Automatic determination of the tone of the messages, the most interesting information guides and influential authors.
  • Anti-spam module, which excludes irrelevant messages, and a linguistic module that provides finding all references to the brand.
  • Collect additional information on the audience, engagement and other important marketing and PR-metrics.
  • Data visualization and easy uploading of reports (including you can export the authors ID, for example, to set up targeted advertising).

Overview of Medialogia - a tool for monitoring social media

The cheapest fare - "Economy" for small businesses - costs 20,000 rubles per month. For agencies, a subscription will cost 20% more.

There is a free trial access for 7 days.


Agorapulse is a foreign platform for full-fledged social media marketing: post scheduling, page administration, monitoring mentions, competitor analysis.


  • Postponed posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram.
  • Teamwork with SMM: several access levels, tracking the actions of each employee.
  • Internal CRM for audience segmentation: customers, critics, brand ambassadors.
  • Statistics and analytics, reporting on key indicators: subscribers, engagement, clicks, etc.
  • Manage messages on Facebook and Instagram, fighting spam.
  • Control your own accounts and track references to other people's pages (by keywords, hashtags, links).

The tariff, which includes monitoring brand references, costs from $ 79 per month. For those who want to try first, the Agorapulse team provides a two-week trial period.


Babkee is a Russian service for monitoring references and analyzing social media, reputation management and studying competitor activity.


  • Collection of data on 46 million sites (including thematic portals, social networks, video hosting, media, etc.).
  • Semantic analysis of the text and its tonality.
  • Identify primary sources and duplicates, determining the significance of the message.
  • Detailed reporting on the authors of references (age, region, contacts, etc.).
  • Collective processing of messages, the notification system.
  • Export to Excel.

Babkee has only one tariff plan - free. Limitations: 2 users, 2 monitoring objects, 3,000 messages per object per month.

Brand Analytics

Brand Analytics is a social media monitoring and analysis system. It is also suitable for real-time reputation control and in-depth research (by competitors, target audience, etc.).


  • Data collection from 30 000+ sources: social networks and instant messengers (VK, FB, OK, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, etc.), blogs, forums, otzovikov, media.
  • Monitoring not only by keywords, but also by check-ins, geotags, and individual authors.
  • Definition of tonality with an accuracy of 80-90%, filtering spam and irrelevant messages.
  • Alert about serious events in the information field (negative explosions, posts from opinion leaders, etc.).
  • Automatic personalized reports, upload data to DOC / PDF / CSV with sending to e-mail on a schedule.
  • Collection of additional information about the authors of mentions (gender and age, coverage, etc.), calculation of KPI (number of unique authors, involvement, loyalty).
  • Multi-user management with different levels of access, support for 67 languages.

The minimum cost of a monthly subscription to the service is 8,500 rubles. BA Express has a free trial period, it lasts 7 days. For more expensive tariff plans, you can request a demo.


IQBuzz is a monitoring system for social networks, blogs, forums, media. It can be used for reputation management, analysis of competitors and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, research of the target audience.


  • Search for reviews, trends, opinion leaders from 10,000+ sources, including LiveJournal, VK, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter.
  • Automatic determination of tonality and its personalization.
  • Statistics collection (gender, audience age, etc.), KPI tracking (coverage, involvement, etc.).
  • Upload reports to Excel and Word.
  • Team work with access rights.
  • Putting tags on tasks, authors, documents.
  • Integration with CRM, the ability to work through the API.
  • Free retrospective up to 10 years.

Tariffs for IQBuzz cost differently: from 7,900 to 54,900 rubles a month. There is a free trial period of 7 days.


Mention is a platform for monitoring social networks and the media, competitive analysis, fluency marketing, crisis and PR management.


  • Tracking brand references in billions of sources (social networks, forums, blogs, etc.).
  • Responses to comments on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram directly through the Mention interface.
  • Ability to team work with the delegation of tasks, access control.
  • Automatic reporting, access to API, integration with CRM.
  • There are mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The monthly cost of using the service - from $ 25. Before you pay, you can request a demo.


SemanticForce - the national monitoring system and online media in real time.


  • Search for brand references and reviews on Twitter, FB, VK, OK, YouTube; monitoring otzovikov, forums, HR-portals, Instagram photos and presentations in SlideShare.
  • Filtering by language, geography, tonality and other parameters.
  • Automatic rubrication and object key.
  • Alerts to e-mail, upload reports to PDF / RTF / CSV.
  • There is an API and integration with Google Analytics.

The site does not have the cost of using the service, but according to it starts at $ 250 a month. There is a free trial period of 14 days.


StarComment is a tool for monitoring social networks and thematic sites. Suitable for finding leads, tracking comments and reviews, competitor analysis.


  • Search for mentions in Facebook, Instagram, VK, OK, Twitter, YouTube, Google Play, TripAdvisor, Flamp.
  • Alerts about new messages on e-mail, in Telegram and Slack.
  • Filtering by keywords, geography, links and other parameters.
  • Uploading social network user IDs for targeting.
  • Teamwork with access control.

What can StarComment

The cost of a StarComment subscription is from 290 to 1,900 rubles per month. There is a free trial period of 5 days.


Talkwalker is a powerful foreign platform for reputation management, public relations, and search for opinion leaders.


  • Monitoring social networks, blogs, news sites and forums (187 languages ​​supported).
  • Automated reports with uploading to Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Word.
  • Definition of tone of a mention of a brand with an accuracy of 90%.
  • Real-time monitoring and access to two-year historical data.
  • Analysis of not only textual, but also visual content (at the expense of image recognition technology).

The cost of an annual subscription is $ 9,600. There is a free demo version of the product.


YouScan is a system for monitoring and analyzing social networks and online media. Designed for reputation management, operational user support, marketing and research.


  • Scanning of all popular resources: social networks (VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, etc.), otzovikov sites, blogs, forums, online publications.
  • Add any social media sources for monitoring.
  • Automatic identification of trends, opinion leaders and major sites.
  • Export reports, access to API, 24/7 technical support.
  • No restrictions on the amount of collected and stored data.

The cheapest rate costs 33,000 per month. Before you buy, you can sign up for a demonstration system.

That's all! I liked the selection - please make a repost in social networks. And if we have forgotten some very important service, remind in the comments. Thanks are also due thanks and criticism.

Monitoring serviceSupport for Russian social networksYouTube supportTelegram supportTeamworkAnalytics (subscribers, engagement, etc.)API, integration with other systemsMonthly Subscription CostFree trial period
"Medialogia"YesYesYesNotYesYesfrom 20 000 rubles7 days
AgrapulseNotYesNotYesYesNotfrom 79 dollars14 days
BabkeeYesYesNotYesYesNot0 rublesWith no restrictions
Brand AnalyticsYesYesYesYesYesYesfrom 8 500 rubles7 days
IqbuzzYesYesNotYesYesYesfrom 7 900 rubles7 days
MentionNotYesNotYesNotYesfrom 25 dollarsNo, only demo
SemanticforceYesYesNotNotYesYesfrom 250 dollars14 days
StarCommentYesYesNotYesYesNotfrom 290 rubles5 days
TalkwalkerNotYesNotNotNotYesfrom 800 dollarsNo, only demo
YouScanYesYesNotNotNotYesfrom 33 000 rublesNo, only demo

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