How to write for infobusiness: rules, chips, motivation

Infobusiness as "House 2": it is constantly criticized and exposed, but it is still interesting to millions. The problem is that the niche is not just overheated now, it boils and gurgles. In my news feed every day flashes advertising various online courses. What to become - a successful copywriter or a magnet for men? Adjust financial flows or learn lucid dreams? The threshold for entering infobiz is minimal, anyone can create their own course and teach people something.

I analyzed the content of successful info-businessmen and highlighted some common features. I am successful among those who have long been brewing in their niche and have launched several courses or streams of the same course.

How to write selling posts: the rule of four "P"

Contrary to the name, they do not sell the information product, but involve the reader in the sales funnel. I prefer the name "target post". His goal is to motivate a specific action. In the case of infobusiness, there are two such actions: join a group or sign up for a training / webinar. A successful target post is half the success of the entire campaign, provided that you have correctly configured targeted ads. But that's another story.

I saw different selling posts: concise, in a few phrases, and long, like Saruman's beard. It is not the length that decides, but the structure. This is not about the "technical" structuring of the text (subheadings, lists, enumerations), but about the semantic one. Good posts come with such semantic blocks:

  • Immersion
  • Presentation
  • Transfer of benefits
  • Parting

They all start on one letter. Easy to remember: the rule of four "P".

We play for pain

In an hour dozens of different posts appear in the VC news feed. It is clear that they do not read everything and not completely. In order for the post to be read to the end, and not lazily scrolled down, it must be hooked during a cursory review. The easiest option is to paste a HYIP image or video to the post. That is why our tapes are dirty with cool cars and young ladies with resilient priests. This is the mainstream, which still clings, but weakly. If to the bright picture attached cheap popular text a la "Hi, I'm Max and I raise $ 100 per hour"This is a fiasco.

In order for your post to be noticed, it must resonate with the problems of the target audience. This is what the “Immersion” block is needed for, which beats the pains of Central Asia.

Some say that there is no money on the Internet. Others successfully earn here bread with caviar. Do the second know some secret?

"It is necessary to lose weight and pump up for the holidays"

"By the New Year, be sure to remove the sides"

"By the wedding, I have to be slim!"

But the cherished dates come, and nothing changes.

Make the dive impersonal. People don't like being poked at their problems. Compare: "My husband scored on you" and "Relations with my husband are not the same." The message is the same, the feed is different. The reader should not get the impression that he is "treated." Let him draw his own conclusions and get to know himself. If you have correctly identified the pains of CA, the immersion will work as it should.

Competently present infoprodukt

I saw a lot of selling posts with a good, catchy start, but without presentation at all. The author throws in the reader a link to a webinar or a group, like a dog's bone - n-on! The confidence atmosphere created by immersion is immediately dispelled. "Oh, another *** wants to cash in on my problem," the reader thinks. Therefore, no presentation in any way. This block answers three questions:

  • Who you are?
  • What are you offering?
  • How does this help the reader?

The more concise, the better. Detailed information will be on the landing page or in your group - where the link from the target post leads. It would be nice to weave a mini-case into the presentation:

We list the benefits

This block follows logically from the previous one. It's all very simple. List all the buns of your infoprodukt. In the column, as in school, and as simple as possible.



Adjust the lead stream

We will tell you how to attract customers to your business.

Conscious nutrition, life energy of prana

Explain the benefits of Vedic power. Tell about the relationship of food and spiritual energy.

Cash flow management

Let's teach how to manage money

If you are familiar with Il'yakhov and the info-style, there will be no problems with this block. The more benefits, the more substantial your offer looks, but you shouldn’t suck it out of your finger. 5-7 convincing sentences - and you are on horseback.

We say goodbye, but do not say "goodbye"

The shortest, but also the necessary block. These are 1-2 motivating phrases on the topic of the post. Win-win is a wish for something pleasant.

This will give the target posts a zest ...

Storytelling. A bright story from a personal or professional life will be an excellent seasoning to the post. Realistic taxis. I do not need stories from the category "a year ago I lived under the bridge, and now I am writing this post from the suite of a five-star hotel." Reread your story. Does she seem sincere, convincing to you? If yes, it can be safely inserted at the beginning of the post.

A bit of healthy self-irony. Like this guy.

Vine. Target post without a visual component - like a sandwich without bread. A short video with autoplay is a good alternative to photo-crafted photos and stock images. Applications Vine and Coub shoot neat short videos just for social networks.

If for some reason you are not ready to shine your face in the video, select a non-banal picture.

... and it is better to forget about it:

A bunch of emoji. Imagine a man who constantly smiles, grimaces, screams and claps his hands. Usually this is crazy. Emoji translate the author's emotions in the text. What does the person who puts them after each word look like? Well, you understand.

Emoji is good only for selecting parts of a post:

Pictures from photo stock. Seriously, this sucks. Smiling guys in suits, sports cars with American numbers, fan-spread dollars - all this has long been associated with scam. Do not do it this way. Get stuck with the photo editor and make a unique picture.

How to write for infobiz-public: leave Jobs alone

If the target post can be compared with a billboard, from which the red carpet stretches to the store, then the content in your group is a showcase of the store itself. He’s the one to buy informational products. If a person has moved to your group from a link from a selling post, he is likely to scan the entire wall to find out what kind of fruit you are.

Many of the "fresh" info-businessmen see this picture. Selling post vigorous, catchy, demanded service, there is potential. You go in a group and pschschschsch, the ball immediately deflates. On the wall there are continuous quotes about business and in general about life, reposts from other public groups, selections of documentaries, motivating pictures. And there is no infobusiness itself. The fuse was enough only for the target post, then the person hopes that his product will be sold by Steve Jobs or Mahatma Gandhi with their clever quotes. No, that doesn't work anymore.

Bet on the author's content. Let the posts be less, but they will be unique and diverse.

  • Cases Show your subscribers that you are working. Even if you have had only one client in the last week - write about him, tell us how you helped him.
  • Event reports. Coming to the conference - write about it. Moved to a new office - tell us about it. Just don’t turn the group into a Twitter affiliate. Keep a balance between professional and personal.
  • Polls A simple, but working way to swing the audience. Offer subscribers not only to poke at the answers, but also to argue their opinion in the comments.

With a lack of ideas for posts, look into the collection from Cerebro.Target". And for inspiration - a few publics with cool content and good involvement:

  • Kett ★ Psychology on hardcore. The author famously straddled two lucrative niches at once: psychology and SMM. Writes not boring, actively communicates with subscribers, is not afraid to shine face. Kett intelligently uses all abilities to improve content: selfies, videos, polls, memes.
  • Rvi templates with Anastasia Babakova. Nastya is a fitness trainer and consultant for women's health. Communicates with Central Asia lightly, like a glass of smoothie in a gym. Many personal photos and video answers to questions from subscribers. All this creates a cozy, trusting atmosphere to which you want to join.
  • Business coach Radislav Gandapas. Veteran infobiza. One of the most sought-after personal growth specialists. Content of Gandapas, as, actually, and its services, are aimed at solid uncles in strict suits. No emoji and pranks, everything is very civil.
  • Business, iz izi, rial current sync ebout it. The project of Alexander Chipizhko, known in certain circles as the Bald Bro. Some people consider him a marketing genius, others are clown and a poser. Bald Bro's corporate style is a stream of thoughts with lofty analogies. At first glance, they may seem crazy, but if you think about it, he writes everything in the case and without lies. And this in infobusiness is expensive.

Finally, I say banality. It will be difficult for you to build infobusiness (yes, in principle, any business) if you are not sure about the quality of your services and their benefits for Central Asia. If there are such doubts - leave this venture, do not spoil your karma.

Thanks for attention.

Watch the video: How to Write Effective Project Reports (December 2019).


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