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What is the corporate identity, who needs it and how is it embodied in real life? I collected 14 examples of corporate identity for domestic companies, and Svetoslav Groshev, the head of the Texterra design department, gave comments on each of them. Immediately I warn you: we did not have the goal to show the best examples. Everyone draws conclusions himself.

What is corporate identity

It is also called corporate. This is a set of visual elements that create the face of the company, make it individual.

Here you have, for example, a beauty salon. And he, for example, the 46th in a row in the city. What should a poor consumer do, how to recognize your company among dozens of others? It is logical that she should have special signs. Corporate colors, special fonts, an interesting logo, a catchy name, a bright slogan, a funny character or character - all together form a corporate identity. Style your company.

What is included in the concept of corporate identity?

Here are its main elements.

  1. Trademark - most often it is the name of the company. It is usually used as a text or image.
  2. Logo - graphic symbol of the company.
  3. Tagline.
  4. Colour - one or more.
  5. Font and typography - for greater recognition.
  6. Character or mascot - Alter-ego of your company.

Each element separately and all together should emphasize the individuality of your company. All of them are used both on the Internet (on the company's website, in social networks, YouTube, advertising banners, etc.) and offline (office or store design, staff uniforms, business documentation, souvenir and promotional products).

You can order a corporate style in the agency - they will develop several options, make a brand book, where they write out the main points, or find design content for free.

Here is a brief theory, but now let's see how it is implemented in practice. Here are examples of corporate identity of Russian companies with expert comments.

Large companies, networkers

1. Euroset

Euroset is a vivid example of the corporate style of a Russian company. Its main elements are the corporate yellow color and the recognizable character - the yellow terrier. By the end of 2018, this brand ceases to exist - merges with the Svyaznoy company. But for now all the elements of corporate identity are in place.

Back in 2011, Euroset launched a rebranding. Almost everything has undergone a change, except that the yellow color remained, the shade of which was slightly changed to a warmer, more pleasant one. Also in the company colors included white, blue and black. The company has developed a new "font" logo and a new symbol, a yellow terrier named "Gadget". It seems to me that the concept was chosen with an eye on the successful experience of European retailers. The previous corporate style was very outdated and did not reflect modern hi-tech trends. Personally, I think that Euroset has definitely chosen the right course of development. I especially want to mention the typography of the logo, which is relevant even now.

2. Sberbank

The corporate identity of the famous Bank of Russia was created back in 2009. Its most recognizable elements are the green corporate color, the logo in the form of a broken circle and the slogan "Always near."

There are more exotic ways to display corporate identity. Last year, Sberbank launched a chat bot on SberBot on VKontakte, and a set of its own stickers. Earlier, in the online game Indie Cat, a separate world appeared from Sberbank — several levels, for which a reward was given. Of course, elements of corporate identity were present both there and there.

Now the network can find a huge number of memes and jokes about the changed corporate style of Sberbank, but for me it causes only positive emotions. The brand sets the task to be as close as possible to the people. Primary color - green, with shades of lime. And the text of the logo is underlined with a line, thereby showing the reliability of the brand.

3. ""

Corporate colors - white and red - the company has been using for a long time. The last major update of the style was timed to the 25th anniversary of the company: designers developed new fonts and a logo. Currently, from March 6 to December 31, 2018, the jubilee logo is the main one - this is separately indicated on the company's website.

Due to the red color, we often unconsciously make a purchase decision. Yellow color in the design is most suitable for hi-tech themes. As for the logo, this, in my opinion, is a very good option, since for almost 25 years the typography of the logo has not been critically modified.

4. "Chocolate"

The corporate style of chain coffee-pastry shops has changed several times. The last rebranding was carried out in 2017: the colors, logo and sign have changed - now they are waves, or light steam over a cup of flavored chocolate.

As I understand it, the company decided to get away from the bored type of logos that are associated with coffee shops, and developed a simpler updated brand name. In my opinion, a controversial decision. A similar example is Starbucks. They are also not the first time go towards simplifying the corporate character. Probably, these trends work for the benefit of brands, but personally I feel very sorry that the logos lose their individuality from this.

Small business

Okay, business giants: it is clear that their capabilities allow you to order the coolest and recognizable corporate identity. Representatives of small businesses are also not lagging behind: the development of corporate identity has become the same element of the image as the corporate website and the official community in social networks.

5. Fox epil

A month ago, my friend Lydia Orlova ordered the development of a file system and shared her impressions with Texterra.

"The thought about the corporate style was ripe for me since the very beginning of the business. I had the beginnings of FS - the image of a fox as a character (a beauty studio called Fox epil, a fox is my personal brand), corporate colors are orange, white, black. I used the services The designers who made the logo used pictures from the Internet - but it was somehow disreputable, so I turned to the agency.

Why does my studio have a corporate style? People are mostly visuals - they perceive information through their eyes. Even coming to the grocery store, we first evaluate the packaging, and then the price, the composition ... Therefore, everything that the customer sees should be in a certain style.

What did I get? I made a special book - a brand book, where I painted all the variants of corporate identity: business cards, gift certificates, discount cards, a signboard, design of social networks, aprons and t-shirts of employees, packages, pens and other trifles. Finally decided on the shades of corporate colors. The sphere of beauty usually involves gentle pastel colors, floss-like florets; I decided to move away from this stereotype. I chose black - it symbolizes rigor, solidity, bright orange - energy, and white - purity and comfort. We carry this information to people through color.

Chose a slogan - "We charge with positive and appreciate your time." That is how we understand the service. They made a new logo - it looks like a fox and a stopwatch at the same time. By this we once again remind you that we appreciate the time of the client.

Brandbook is useful for further work with the printing house. When we order printing, it is very difficult to explain what shade of orange we need. In the brand book, all fonts, colors, and logo placement options are written: vertical, horizontal. The business owner solves the problem of working with printing: there is a brand book - you give it to the performers and have the right to demand the execution of the corporate style.

What have we done? So far a little: business cards and gift certificates, new design of social networks. We ordered leaflets, booklets, flyers, aprons of female employees - they should be here soon. Signboard in the project. There are no direct sales figures yet - it is still early. It is necessary to realize everything and see the results. But I noticed that the new business cards from the reception desk are taking much faster: 200 business cards were gone in the first month, they could hardly have dismantled a hundred in the quarter before. People want to take them in hand, to consider in detail, to take with them. And also the enthusiasm of the customers: they like it, they say that it has become cool, stylish and solid - I have achieved this. "

Beauty studios are usually graceful forms of company elements and hand-written logos. When a company makes such corporate-style solutions that are non-standard for this kind of activity, it does not always work out well, but I personally like it when something goes beyond the usual. It distinguishes from the total mass.

6. Anmaks

The Russian company produces drainage systems - the designers chose blue as the corporate identity. A drop of water on the logo hints at the company's activities.

As you already understood, in small business it is important to stand out. In some cases this is decided by the color decision, in some - by a more interesting and non-standard implementation of the logo. In this case, the designers have worked well visual range. We see this in the implementation of the pattern, which is present on the website and on the company's company documentation.

7. "I am a Siberian"

The social project and the shop "I am Siberian" chose blue as the FS and a snowflake - a symbol of Siberian frosts.

I liked the snowflake :) A simple element that you can creatively implement as you please. Colors and typography are also high quality.


Service provision service has chosen a recognizable trademark and yellow color.

When a company develops a corporate identity with regard to the further use of the logo and design elements in the environment (in print and souvenir products, on the Internet), this is a good tone. There is nothing more to add. This corporate style does not cause strong emotions to me.

9. "Anchor"

The watch shop uses the same logo, colors, graphic elements everywhere.

Typically European logo. Well-chosen colors and the use of gold and silver shades add elegance to this brand.

B2B, or Business to business

10. Envybox

The logo in the form of ice cream (which, if you look closely, is not ice cream at all, but a sales funnel) and colorful circles are elements of the internet-marketers' corporate identity.

I like the brand symbol (ice cream) in the company logo. The logo is well read, has individuality. Color solutions are typical for this industry. Identity, although it looks a little alyapisto, conveys the emotions and life of the company. In general, I am afraid that companies will soon have to change their corporate identity, because circles, sticks and dots flying away from the logo are a temporary trend. Now it looks stylish, but after a while it will be replaced by a new trend. Which one Not yet known :)

11. Pepper

The service for gathering the audience in VKontakte chose a bright red color and a hot pepper image as a basis.

Bright, colorful, attracts attention, but it seems that something is missing. Does not cling :)

Other corporate identity holders

Corporate identity can be developed not only for business, but also for institutions, objects of national importance, and even individual events.

12. Voronezh State University published a case study on the development of corporate identity for a major university of the country. Designers have updated the existing coat of arms, which has become a logo, have developed typography, colors and corporate pattern.

Logo development was timed to the centenary of the University. It can be seen that the designers wanted to preserve the distinctive features of their coat of arms, and at the same time borrow the successful experience of foreign educational institutions. It turned out well. Despite its simplicity, the logo is very practical.

13. Tunguska Reserve

In 2013, the corporate identity appeared at the Tunguska Reserve. In the image of the brand united national color, the natural features of the object and even the relationship with the cosmos.

Very cute corporate identity that conveys the values ​​of the reserve and shows a unique flavor for its region. One of the best in this collection.


In general, you understand: corporate identity is the most important stage in PR promotion of your business on the Internet. Be inspired by our examples and take ideas for service. Good luck!

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