How is a real office better than a home office?

Freelancers are often faced with the question: where does work? Representatives of some professions are forced to work in offices by the nature of their activities, but creative professionals only need a computer and the Internet, so they can work from anywhere in the world. Renting office space may seem like a waste of money to many people, but for many entrepreneurs this results in improved productivity, profits, and a balance between work and personal life.

1. Balance between work and personal life

Despite the fact that working at home has its undeniable advantages, housekeeping and business are not well combined. At first, the home office seems like a great idea, but over time, home and work affairs begin to mix. Writing code is suddenly interrupted by washing clothes, and business negotiations - by the cries of children. Office space eliminates such distractions from your life. On some days, you can continue to work from home, but for holding meetings, important phone calls, and during periods of high workload, the office will be a more suitable place to do business.

Anyone who runs his own business, sooner or later faces the problem of the separation of work and personal life. Support and business development require hard work and dedication. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs do not count on their strength and are forced to temper the fervor when their relationships with their families begin to deteriorate. In such a situation, an office space helps to distinguish between work and personal life - the very fact of moving an office from home to a room created specifically for work can ease this tension.

2. Useful acquaintances with business colleagues

In small business, the rule “the most important thing is not what you know, but who you know.” Customers need ready-made solutions to meet their needs. Sometimes graphic design is not enough if the client actually needs a fresh, updated website filled with optimized content. And here your new office neighbors can come to the rescue. Mutually beneficial relationships are the key to successful collaboration.

Office space is a great way to meet and make friends with other freelancers, because people from all areas of business work there. Besides the fact that they can offer you valuable ideas and advice, they may also need your services. Simple chatter at the coffee machine can end in a business partnership.

3. The embodiment of stability

While the whole world is slowly but surely moving to the Internet, many are still suspicious of online partners. The image of a reputable company begins with an address. Office rooms usually have reception rooms, meeting rooms and open work spaces - in general, they are an ideal place for business meetings that can impress existing and potential customers.

4. Lack of organizational hassle

When you started your business, you hardly thought that you would have to find and arrange office space for rent, pay utility bills, install answering machines and perform all other daily tasks of a secretary. Not only does it require a significant investment, it also takes a lot of your valuable time, which you can spend on expanding and developing your business. Office space will relieve you from all the trouble of maintaining the office, simply providing a workplace with all the benefits attached.

Many office spaces offer flexible rental prices, monthly or annual, and some offer office rentals on a specific schedule. Entrepreneurs who are not sure that office space will benefit their business can rent an office just one day a week to check.

5. Improved performance

Usually, newcomers in business prefer to work at home, because it does not require additional costs. Most of them have an extra room for home office. However, they do not take into account how much time they have spent on various household chores, breaks and other fuss, which appear from nowhere if the children are in the next room.

All over the world, representatives of those professions that can be performed at home still work in offices. The reason is that workers who wake up, dress and physically move from home to work are much more collected. The same applies to entrepreneurs - of course, to sit in working hours at home in their pajamas is a lot of fun, but in fact it often leads to a decrease in productivity. All this, of course, depends on a particular person, but it would be useful for many to have a real office for doing business.

6. All benefits

Office space became popular ten years ago. Gray rooms and booths turned into professional work areas, conference rooms, reception centers and call centers. All this can not be achieved in a home office setting.

Monthly rent for office space is not only payment for actual use of the premises. Workspaces also offer you many services that are not available in your home office. Think about it - maybe office space will really help your business grow?

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