How to promote a business project with LinkedIn: three tips

LinkedIn social network is known as a resource where you can find a job or employee. However, some marketers have learned to use this platform to promote projects. While most businessmen see LinkedIn as a free resume database, the most far-sighted entrepreneurs use social links between users of this resource. They build relationships with potential consumers and partners, and also increase the credibility of their brand, using LinkedIn accounts.

LinkedIn: where the money is

So LinkedIn is a social network for professionals whose users are looking for new business connections, discuss business topics, and offer their services to companies. The following facts confirm the viability of using this site for marketing purposes:

  1. LinkedIn audience recently exceeded 200 million people. Every day more than 170,000 users join this network. LinkedIn is a social networking site for a mature audience. More than a third of users of the site are people over 55 years old.
  1. Pay attention to the key performance indicators LinkedIn (see illustration). Daily 116 million unique visitors use this site. The PageView index of the resource was 9.8 in the fourth quarter of 2012.
  2. LinkedIn is the most popular among specialists in the field of information technology (4 million registered), financiers (2.03 million), university professors (1.95 million), programmers (1.65 million), representatives of the telecommunications industry (1.59 million) . The most active users of LinkedIn are residents of the United States (74 million), India (18 million), the UK (11 million), Brazil (11 million) and Canada (7 million).
  3. HP's LinkedIn page has 1 million followers. The number of second-level followers (friends of friends) of the company is 43 million people, and the number of third-level followers is 138 million people.
  1. LinkedIn is increasing revenues. The social network has three sources of financial income, which favorably distinguishes it from the majority of similar sites, earning only on advertising. In the fourth quarter of 2012, LinkedIn received about $ 161 million, or 53% of revenues from companies using the network to search for employees. Advertising brought the site 83 million dollars, and the sale of premium accounts gave another 59 million dollars.
  1. According to marketing company Hubspot, LinkedIn's traffic conversion rate is 2.74%. This figure is only 0.69% for Twitter and 0.77% for Facebook.
  1. 81% of the companies in Inc 500, a list of the fastest growing US businesses, use LinkedIn. This information is presented by researchers at the University of Massachusetts.

IT industry chose LinkedIn

According to Forrester Research, a company specializing in marketing research and consulting, managers and owners of IT companies use LinkedIn in business. This is confirmed by the following facts obtained during the study:

  • Executives of IT companies have an average of three times more followers on LinkedIn than the average user of this network.
  • Bosses of IT-companies are three times more often subscribed to the pages of corporations and enterprises.
  • More than 70% of heads of information technology departments are subscribed to the pages of IT service providers.
  • Three out of five executives rely on information received from friends on LinkedIn when deciding whether to purchase IT services or equipment.

So LinkedIn is different from other social networks. If Facebook and Vkontakte are good platforms for increasing brand awareness, then LinkedIn can be used to attract conversion traffic and sales.

How to use LinkedIn for business promotion: three tips

Many managers and owners of companies already know how to search for employees using LinkedIn. And the following tips will help you use this social network for the promotion of projects. Please note that the recommendations will only work if you have a personal account on the social network and a certain number of followers.

  1. Create your company page on LinkedIn. Make sure that it can be found in the directory of companies. Be sure to fill out the page - tell the audience about your business, specify contact details. Use in the description the key phrases for which users search for information related to the scope of your project. Regularly update statuses, publish on the page announcements of materials of your blog or corporate site.
  2. Create groups and join already existing thematic communities. Your task is to bring together an audience interested in topics related to the project. Developing your own group, be sure to join relevant communities by topic and geography. Do not abuse the publication of advertising messages in groups that are not created by you. Try to communicate with other community members and publish useful information. For example, if you are promoting internet sites, publish the note "How to promote resources." This is more effective than writing spam messages like "I will promote the site cheaply."
  3. Regularly publish useful content. You must show the followers that you are an expert in one area or another. Note again that you need to publish relevant and relevant subject matter and useful content, not advertisements. Remember, LinkedIn has a little non-thematic information, so the audience quickly notices your content. Moreover, users actively replicate it if they find the information valuable and unique.

Thus, in order to use LinkedIn to promote a business, you need to create a project page and make sure that it can be found in the company directory. Then you should create your own community and develop it. In addition, do not miss the opportunity to join thematic groups whose audience may be interested in your project. Finally, publish useful content regularly.

LinkedIn generates conversion traffic, its audience is growing, this network is popular among executives and business owners. This is enough for domestic online and offline companies to pay attention to this site. Do you agree with this?

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