How to create free time from nothing

And what was on TV today? No, wait, don't tell. I'm really not interested. But if you were ready to talk about the last episode of a reality show, then you are not all right. Most likely, you traded your life for an information surrogate. Welcome to the virtual world! And now we will try to escape from it.

“These people have long been, since our voices
We do not sell, forgot all the worries, and Rome, that once
He distributed everything: the legions, and the authorities, and the lictors of the bunch,
Now only two things are restrained and restlessly dreaming:
Bread and circuses! "- Juvenal

"And can be without bread!" - Winnie the Pooh

Eternal lack of time

Society is getting hooked on cheap entertainment more and more, but at the same time complains about the lack of time for serious undertakings. We very much love to run away from our own lives and see other people. There, after all, everything usually ends well. You can enjoy another, even invented happiness, as your own. And if it ended badly - it doesn't matter. Here, on the couch, cozy. Not at all painful and not scary. Heat, light, and the flies do not bite. You can wake up the neighbors at two in the morning with a heart-rending cry of "Goooooool!". Go yourself to drive the ball for fun and health? I would be glad, yes busy. Although, of course, necessary. Maybe next week? If I'm not busy.

The art of self-improvement with a weak hand beats off the entertainment industry. Consumer hedonism kills the desire to learn something useful, to spend time on skills that require perseverance in exchange for a permanent and fruitful result in the long term. No, I want pleasure here and now! I do not need your fishing rod, I can buy a fish in the store. What happens if the store closes?

More than half of Russians prefer to kill free hours sitting in front of a blue-screen box. The younger generation prefers the Internet, but not for the sake of free access to the work of Heisenberg or Nietzsche, but for the same senseless and merciless consumption of jam poured from the screens and speakers directly into the gray mass of the philistine. Yummy! The temptation to "watch and play" methodically discourages the desire to "learn and do." Of course, television and the Internet carry a huge amount of useful information, along with a vinaigrette from Botswana’s crime reports, advertising for insomnia medication with a side effect in the form of insomnia, and soap operas. But even a useful theory cannot replace practice. And how many of the hours you spent today watching television or a monitor were spent on the acquisition of useful knowledge? Honestly?

The more you distract from real life and spend time on a virtual life, the more skills and knowledge recede into the background. Skills give way to video games and social networks, and knowledge succumbs to convictions. Heroes of astronautics are replaced by heroes of soap operas, the desire for the stars of the universe is replaced by a fixation on the "stars" of the screen. We do not learn anything, but we are sure that we all know. From where From the TV, of course. If so said the TV, then so it is. Modern society has reached an expert level in the absorption of information that has no practical value, and often the actual basis. If money had been paid for leveling the sofas, we would have lived in a bright future long ago. But no matter how pleasant it is to sit for hours in front of the box, absorbing the Interns and Dom-2, this does not really teach us anything. Is that jokes that become bearded the next morning, but the details of the intimate life of Ksenia Sobchak. Neither one nor the other will cause admiration from your friends, a potential employer or yourself on the side of your age.

Why all this? First of all, to ensure that you understand how funny excuses sound about the lack of time. "I would like to (a) throw off a dozen kilos, learn Farsi, spend more time with the children and learn to juggle torches on a bicycle, but, alas, things to do." Familiar words? Yes, this is our favorite form of justifying laziness and self-doubt.

So you're too busy. What are you doing? How much time have you spent on TV over the past week? How many meters of unnecessary information was downloaded by you to view from the expanses of these most-Internet? And what did you get from this?


If you have lost time on utter nonsense, this is still half the problem. Worse, when the information consumed is not just useless, but frankly destructive. Television, the Internet, and any information channel can become a tool for manipulating consciousness. In certain cases, this does not pose a direct threat. Advertising bothers? But she pays for your favorite show. There is nothing good or bad for you here, the balance is zero. Whether a particular advertisement will be beneficial for you is a separate question. When advertising starts to bother, it's time for hidden advertising. What kind of car did James Bond roll out in the last movie? Yes, advertising is intrusive, but by itself advertising is harmless, just a tool of a market economy. And what about the obviously negative ideas fed to people from the screens of the same TVs? What benefits can a show frankly glorify the notorious romance of the underworld? The question is not whether it is possible to consume such information. It already depends on the stability of your psyche, on susceptibility to other people's ideas, the presence or absence of the ability for analytical thinking. What is needed is the essence. Is it worth spending time on something that does not improve your life?

Of course, if you just threw your TV out the window, you hurried. Sometimes you just need to turn off your head, give it a break from everyday problems, so as not to go crazy with tension. After all, this is the essence of television - it does not allow you to think. A constant stream of platitudes simply leaves no time for reflection. Sitting on the sofa in front of the screen, we begin to resemble the dough - both physically and mentally. Soft dough, ready to take any form, but not having its own will. If you really can't do without trash, then at least don't spend too much time programming your own brain with someone else's hands. You can accidentally get a couple of extra algorithms to get psychological dependency. On the other hand, any information channel can become a tool for gaining knowledge if you control the channel and not fall under its influence yourself. It's never too late to just turn off the chat box.

Through thorns to success

If you want to achieve something specific, do it purposefully and do not limit yourself to theory. Do not convince yourself that you are doing something useful, reviewing the morning news in the evening. Tomorrow they will still become obsolete. And you will not become a “hero” by reading this article. Heroic deeds require heroic effort. You can read at least twenty recipes, but when you grab a real frying pan, the first pancake comes out lumpy. And how do you want? We repeat once again: theory cannot replace practice. Theory is only a foundation, in itself useless, unless you build a house on it.

Decide what you really want to achieve. Any interesting undertaking will bring pleasure in the end. The harder the undertaking, the higher the return will be. Do not be afraid of complexity, fear your own indifference to the goal, for it is impossible to truly succeed in anything despite the lack of interest. The main thing is not to succumb to the temptation of free cheese in a mousetrap, not to allow yourself to be dragged into a momentary entertainment. Today's episode of your favorite soap opera will be forgotten in a couple of days - this print will disappear, the dough will return to its usual shapeless state. Just because your own brain intuitively rejects unnecessary information. But the skill of cycling you will never forget. And yes, you can find a good model and buy it through the Internet or with the help of advertising in a box - this is the benefit of the information channel. Earn a couple of bruises and bruises by experimenting with a two-wheeled miracle, and after a few months of practice you will enjoy the adrenaline from doing dizzying stunts under the envious glances of "consumers." But it's easier, of course, to hang on the Internet and watch others do it.

So what do you like more? To achieve something yourself or consume ready-made? Stay shapeless mass or climb into the thick and take a specific form? If you have time to read this article, then there will be time for any project. Live your life, not the lives of fictional characters. Overcome laziness, discard uncertainty and engage in an interesting affair so that in old age you have something to tell your grandchildren. And be methodical and persistent in their endeavors. Rome was not built in one day, but it stood for many centuries, until the Romans exchanged their ambitions for free bread and circuses.

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