Digest of useful tools: Issue # 1 - Working with Twitter

If you at least occasionally read our blog, you probably noticed that we love to do reviews of tools that can be useful in the work of an internet marketer. Here are just some of them:

As a rule, these materials cause a good response from users. They get a lot of rassharivaniya and comments, so we concluded that this topic is interesting to you and decided to continue its development.

Starting today, our blog starts a digest in which we will share with you useful, but little-known tools in runet for more productive work on website promotion.

Each issue of the digest will contain tools that are combined by some theme. For example, today's material will be devoted to unusual services for working on Twitter. Next time it may be some other area, such as contextual advertising or email marketing. And so on. If the digest seems interesting to you, we will continue to publish it. Fortunately, a lot of tools have already been accumulated for this.

Useful services for Twitter

1. Pullquote

According to research, tweets with images increase user engagement by 200% compared to tweets that contain text only. And this is not surprising - they are really striking in the tape of the same type of text messages. Look at the following screenshot and see for yourself.

Tweets with images really attract attention, but each time adding a picture manually is very long. To do this, you first need to find this picture (first scrolling through the entire article), save it, then go to Twitter (if you click on the Tweet button from the blog, you can’t add a picture), write your message, add a link to the article, Upload the found picture and only after that “Tweet”. It is a long procedure, but it can be reduced.

Pullquote is an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to add pictures and quotes from your chosen text to a tweet with one click. After installing it, the Quote it icon appears in all the images in the upper right corner. As soon as you click it, a window pops up with an abbreviated link to the article. All you have to do is write your message and click Tweet.

The same can be done with quotes.

In the tape, it will look like this in this nice way:

In the window that opens, you can select the background color and remove unnecessary words from the quotation - instead of them, this icon will appear [...].

If you use another browser (not Google Chrome), you can use their bookmarklet. The only negative - bookmarklet works only with quotes.

Note: At the moment, quotes with Russian text are displayed incorrectly on Twitter. Technical support promised to fix this problem in the near future. As soon as the bug is fixed, we will make a corresponding note.

2. Twitshot

Twitshot is another service for fast posting images in tweets. But since this is a service, not an extension, it will be useful to users of any browsers. It works very simply - you write a tweet, insert a link to an article and select one of the loaded images.

3. Hubble

It often happens that we add some useful tweets to favorites to read when there is time, and then we forget about them. To prevent this from happening, try using the Hubble service. With this tool, you can receive a list of all tweets that you have added to your favorites once a week.

4. Daily140

Daily140 is a service that allows you to select 3-5 Twitter users and track their add-ons and subscribe to new users. Notifications come to the mail once a day.

Please note: in the free version only three users are available. For 4-5 users will have to pay $ 5 per month.

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5. Fruji

The Fruji service analyzes your Twitter account and provides useful marketing information:

  • maximum audience reach for your account
  • number of fake users
  • accounts of the most influential followers, etc.

As you can see, many of the features of the service are available only in the paid version, but this is not a big problem, because its cost is very small - only 50 cents a week.

6. Symbols and icons for Twitter

Symbols and smiles are a great tool for increasing the CTR of your tweets. Imagine that you are lazily scrolling through your news feed, and against the background of monotonous tweets consisting of words and links, you see a tweet with unusual characters or emoticons. Surely you will focus on it, right?

Where to get these characters? There are two great places:

  • Simbolostwitter service - you just click on the desired symbol, and it immediately appears in your tweet.
  • Twitter.github - click on the icon, copy it and paste it into a tweet.

This is how it will look in the tape:

7. First tweet

Well, the last service for today is First tweet. As you may have understood from the title, this service shows you the first tweet with the mention of the query you entered. Why do you need this feature? I do not know :) Just for fun. For example, I was curious to find out when we first started talking about our company on Twitter:

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Well, did you like this digest format?

If yes, you can express your attitude by like, repost or comment. There are a lot of interesting services. In addition, new ones constantly appear. So, if the idea gets accustomed, we will constantly please you with useful bodies.


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