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How can you achieve something with these people? A question that everybody asks from time to time is practically everyone who takes on the functions of a “locomotive” in a company. The question is not really rhetorical, although it seems otherwise. The business has two sides: the generation of hypotheses and the built system for their implementation and testing in practice. To build such a scheme is one of the archizadach of the company. You need the best top managers on the market, and your tops are the best team.

Good top, bad top

Good tops are the people of the system (the quality is natural, which cannot be worked out), plus these are people with experience and unique competencies (in this case, uniqueness should be understood not as highly specialized skills, but as a uniquely huge baggage of experience, which is arranged on the shelves, and at the right moment any the asset is easily obtained and presented).

About the quality of "systematic" need to tell more. Consistency is the basis of a worldview. In order to develop it, a tendency towards it is needed (it cannot be otherwise: to become ill with schizophrenia, you need a potential opportunity due to genetics, but to think logically you need to be born intelligent). Analysis for the sake of streamlining the picture of the world - that's what consistency is. Such people have a coherent system of coordinates, and if they are confronted with the fact that it does not fit into it, the tops spend a lot of mental effort in order to logically enter - and they succeed because they are damn smart. These people can be anyone - hardened cynics or fanatically religious - the main thing is that they can logically and clearly convey their life position to others: there is no God, because ... Another thing is they don’t have to spend their valuable time on these explanations, and therefore, subordinates often do not understand how crystal clear and logical all their thoughts and actions are. Many of their decisions to employees seem unreasonable, taken under the influence of mood. But it is not. And this problem is not top, this is the problem of their subordinates.

The lack of understanding of the actions of a top manager and the fear of him arise only for one reason: he and his subordinates are in different weight categories and, frankly speaking, in general at different levels of perception of reality. Reality is one for all. But imagine creatures capable of perceiving only two dimensions of the world on a sensual level; they simply cannot physically comprehend and imagine the fullness of three-dimensional reality. Ordinary employees do not have a holistic picture of the world, do not understand all the statuses of a company, they cannot analyze something that they don’t see and they never, most likely, don’t see. Accordingly, they draw conclusions at the level into which they fit, and in this system their measurements are logical, understandable and fair: the boss is a fool, I would do it differently. The problem is that they are not able to rise to a higher level and see three dimensions.

However, you should always remember that the world is a four-dimensional thing. And there is always someone who perceives it more fully than you. This also applies to a good top manager. There is always a level to which he has not yet risen. There is always someone better than him. A good top is well aware. And so it develops all the time. And this is another important quality of a top manager - the ability to learn independently, to get the knowledge he needs all the time and at the right time to use them. He is not just an analyst with unique competencies, he is a self-developing system able to juggle with his knowledge, shuffle them, looking for the right solution, and - most importantly - to increase the amount of this knowledge all the time without prompting and reminders.

Just because the top has a unique systematized experience, it seems to everyone that he plays only trump cards: they come to him with the most difficult problems, and he clicks them like nuts. It is clear why? Because he is experienced and systemic. With most of the problems that others seem intractable, he already faced or thought about how he would solve them in the event of an occurrence. And even if he did not come across, systematicity allows him to think logically and look for the most natural solution to a non-standard problem, for him this task of the level of a mathematical equation is solved with the help of known quantities and theory.

Where do all the other tops come from?

All other tops are taken, sorry, from the priests. It doesn’t matter whether companies ’grown’ on a garden, tomatoes ’old women or Varangians who came from’ - it’s important that these people are hired out of despair, according to the principle: there was no alternative, they didn’t find a better one. And this principle is the source of universal evil, which is coming from all sides to your bright business, to your pure pursuit of cosmic heights. If you succumb to the temptation of this principle, it does not matter, it is normal - everyone does it. The main thing to be flexible, like a snake, and cool like a crocodile: let's try as long as possible for a trial period and calmly contemplate, tear down or create a top, make your conclusions and throw out the sting in time. In short: if the top is not the top, get rid of it in time.

The Ideal Team: Build Everest from Puzzles

The main function of the top - what? Do you think building a strategy? No, in fact, the main function of the stamp is to ensure that the strategy is implemented. Based on the main managerial characteristics mentioned above (systematic, unique experience, ability to self-study), it is easy to assume that he is brilliant in management, able to build an ideal system, recruit a cool team or shuffle existing people in the right way so that everything works like a clock. But he, as a rule, is not able to give out supercreative, to give rise to brilliant strategic ideas. You understand that there are exceptions to any rule, all the ideas of this article are just an attempt to gather experience into the system, but this information is not an axiom. In fact, in everyone who occupies a high position in the company, both systematic and creative are present in different parts, the only question is what is greater in a person.

So, good tops - talented systematizers and managers, but not generators of ideas. Consistency is good, it is creation and well-intentioned work, a progressive movement towards well-being. But consistency is only the ordering of the world, but the main thing - the very idea of ​​this world, of what really needs to be ordered - is to be given to the systematizer, otherwise all his skills and abilities are meaningless, he cannot do anything with them. Give him a mountain with the height of Everest from small puzzles - and he will collect a grand picture for you. If you don't have an idea about the size of Everest, you just don't need a good top manager.

Only one thing follows from this - the team should have a space generator, a flowing geyser, a lighter man. Perhaps - and in most cases it happens, but again, there are exceptions to every rule, - this function is performed by the founder in the company. The opposite situation is also possible: the founder is a systematizer, and his tops or partner is a lighter man. But if there is no such scheme, then the model is likely to be unviable. In business in equal shares should be combined creativity and ability to streamline. A vivid example is Jobs and Wozniak. The first is a flowing geyser, the second is an ingenious systematizer.

If in the place of a top in a company there is not a top, but a performer who does not possess either the qualities of a good manager or the spouting consciousness of a man-lighter, then things are bad. At each new stage of the company's development, the quality of performance in the area where such a “top-not-top” sits will fall. Quality, in principle, with each new stage of development falls - this is the law. One of the ways to maintain this quality is to base the system on a scalable work model, in which your team has the best top manager for this particular direction, the generator of ideas in the team and the performers whose quality of work is supported because they focus on the best.

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