This magic word is "Shut up!"

Meet the most important word of successful people. It is not joke. No matter how well educated you are, at the very beginning of your career, and, perhaps, your whole life, you will have to repeat this word - “Shut up!” Athletes know best of all - jogging can make a person stronger not only physically, but also spiritually, because it is in a state of physical exhaustion that he has to plug that inner voice that asks to surrender - go one step, stop, sit down and rest, and do spit on everything and go home. Women trying to lose weight, too, know perfectly well how a nagging voice inside asks for sweets and tries to convince them that they will not succeed, for nothing they just torture themselves with daily exercises and celery. The internal struggle is the most difficult, but you need to learn how to win it.

"Shut up!" proves you don't care

When you start running, a little whimpering person wakes up in you - not immediately, but when a state of physical exhaustion sets in and you have to overcome your fatigue. This is your inner "I" constantly whining: "Oh, I'm tired, let's take a breather," "Well, now my lungs will tear apart, where have you so accelerated?" or "No, I can not do this anymore. I can not and everything!"

At this point you want to agree with him and quit everything. But if you succeed in shutting up this whining little man during a run, you will learn how to overcome all the other difficulties in your life.

If you really want to succeed in something and bring it to the end, then you will have to learn to say "Shut up!" - true, only to myself. But this is for the better - because you can not stand on ceremony. If you really want, you can use the word tighter - the main thing that it worked.

Learning to silence this voice, which asks you to surrender, insists that you can’t do this thing, or aches that you are too tired - one of the keys to success in achieving any goal. You cannot escape from this internal resistance (you will see it for yourself), therefore, you need to be proactive. You need to come up with suitable words for yourself that can make you keep working. In general, it is easy - someone who is, and you definitely need to know exactly what can motivate you. In the end, think about the feeling of self-satisfaction that you will experience, bringing everything to the end despite internal disputes.

You can learn this word at any time - no matter whether you start your career or have already achieved something. It may seem to you that you lack the incentive to continue working, that you are too tired, that you are at that stage of your life when you seem to have achieved what you wanted, but you do not feel satisfied. So, it just seems. And not to you, but to your inner whiner. In this world, the strongest win - that is, those who could make the right choice and stop their desire to surrender.

What do your idols do while nobody sees them

If you admire someone who has achieved a certain success, do not think that everything was easy for them. It does not happen. You may think that some people are just lucky in life, but in fact they worked hard as damned to achieve what they have now (and, probably, they are still working without respite). Their success was earned by hard work - blood, sweat and pain. It was very hard for them, and at such moments the voices in their heads screamed louder than the fire siren - they asked to stop, rest, postpone tomorrow, raise the white flag.

But they did not succumb. They told the voices in their head to shut up and went back to work. Therefore, they are famous.

Are you ready to shut yourself up?

If yes, then it's time to learn to talk with your ego. Before the coming weekend (and upcoming work week), think about all the difficulties that you need to overcome. Make a list of what you avoided or postponed until later. Remember how you justified your idleness. Scroll through this internal dialogue in your head (“It is necessary” - “I don’t want” - “You will have to do it anyway” - “Maybe tomorrow?” - “Well, okay”), and then try to cut it off in the middle with a sharp “Shut up!” (well, or rather stronger - depending on how much you love yourself).

Not bad. And now again - with feeling, really, arrangement.

If you want, you can start to bargain with yourself for the beginning - if you have children, then you know perfectly well how it works: "If you do your homework, then you can go for a walk." Children just do not need to stop up to this - they, unlike you, only learn to live. And you just too lazy to do everything at once, and without internal disputes. Ask yourself, or rather, the whiner inside you, specific installations: "Here is another kilometer and move on to the step", "Here we will draw two more illustrations and immediately go to sleep." It may be easier for you to make friends with the internal demons than to fight against them.

Practice such conversations in everyday life, for any suitable occasion - on a run, at lunch, in communication with children. Learn to run further, eat less, be patient. Leave the last word in the internal dialogues, and you will understand how not to give up when real difficulties appear. Each of us may be different. The inner voice of a freelancer can whisper: "Well, come on, you can do this nonsense, go find a normal job, go to the office in the morning, enjoy stability," the voice of a businessman: "Well, why do we need this new strategy? albeit small, but guaranteed, "the athlete's voice you have already heard. It is very easy to agree with such a reasoned objection, but you have to remember: when your inner self says: “Give up,” it means “Give up your dream.”

Do you want that? Not? Then memorize the magic word - "Shut up!"

You can start right now - you can even shout "Shut up!" every kilometer, but when you cross the finish line of your marathon, you will realize that this was the most beautiful moment in your life.

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