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From the mid-eighties, according to Setin Godin, paradigm scrapping began, denoting a rapid decline in the interest of the audience in traditional forms of advertising. What could hit our fathers and make them believe that you need to pay money for the goods, in fact, they are not very necessary, no longer affects us. Traditional advertising, on which transcendental budgets are still being spent, has ceased to have the desired effect and, to be honest, has already become the opposite of the original essence: now brands put money on commercials on TV and radio, spend billions on the fact that they already have more than two decades as not profitable.

The world has changed. Today, it is dominated by global recession, Internet technologies, information noise and the rapid change of paradigms - there is no thing that would remain relevant for a more or less long period, it is impossible to predict what will happen tomorrow, you can only react to the current situation with actions that are relevant. Here and now.

Life in such a world is like running after an outgoing train. You are in a hurry, late, pushing passers-by, but he is already moving, and you are rushing behind this damn train and do not have time.


    You can not replace goals

    The whole history of mankind has been this train, and you were. Only today it is almost impossible to catch him - he is traveling at a speed of 160 km / h.

    Get over the fact that you can not catch up with the train. Do not waste your strength, make sense of the situation differently.

    Stop on the platform and think about what you really need. Catch up with the train or did you end up in the place where you were going to go?

    The traffic on the site drops or stagnates at around 100 unique per day and stably keeps at this level for months, and even if it grows, you know absolutely exactly that this is not the level with which you will be satisfied. Lida are not converted into customers, the quality of work of the production department is also at a very average level. All marketing efforts seem to fail in a black hole, without bringing results.

    What do you really need in this situation? Increase your brand awareness, increase traffic and the number of referrals from Yandex.Direct? Or still increase the number of sales?

    Do not substitute goals. There is no time for this. Today the world is changing so rapidly that it is already naive to use such concepts as "trends", "modern trends", etc. (it cannot be a trend that will be forgotten within a second, this contradicts both the semantics of the word and common sense) , only the “actual here and now” remains: you need to do something that will help you right now, next time you will be busy with other actions, and so on.

    You are still in the last second paradigm if you think your goal is to catch up with the train. A second ago it was possible. But the picture of the world is already different, and in it, under the given conditions, your goal turns out to be wrong. To isolate the right in accordance with the circumstances, discarding everything that obstructs the meaning - that is the task.

    Marketing is not a beautiful advertisement on a radio or television channel, it is not PR-materials in the press, it is not a killer slogan, not a 3D design on the site, blah blah everything else ... This is what works here and now for your the main goal. Formulate it correctly. What happened?

    Hopefully this:

    Marketing is any action that increases your sales.

    All your next actions will be calculated per second (you already understood the idea: space and time today change at a completely different speed, life in the early twentieth century would seem to each of us to be a film that is scrolled in slow motion, we live in an era of global acceleration, and this not yet the limit). To increase the number of sales, you need:

    In the first second, start monitoring your site’s performance: your real traffic, its sources, failures, conversions, page view.

    In the second you will understand what to do. If you do not have enough quality leads, you need to work to obtain them. If the number of leads at this stage is not bad, but their conversion into customers does not suit you, then it is time to debug the work of sales managers who do not know how to convert for some reason.

    Do not be afraid to experiment when working with various channels, create landing pages for Yandex.Direct, test them in your work, conduct A / B testing, respond quickly to negative on social networks - only relevant actions for the future work here and now.

    In content marketing now, only supermessages are needed.

    But in the third, fourth and all subsequent seconds you can not stop and say: the goal is reached. The chase goes on endlessly. You achieve one goal, and you already have a new one.

    Now you are working on increasing the conversion, but the next second you will realize that there is an even more daunting problem. And it sounds like this:

    Content of average quality in Internet marketing stops working.

    Something new, such as flash animation yesterday or interactive advertising today, appears, but after a second they become familiar and are lost in the mass of their own kind. In a world that is oversaturated with information, and the arrays of this information all multiply, grow like an avalanche, only the most murderous methods begin to work in content marketing. Your message must be irresistible to be noticed. There is a Hamburg bill: only what is rightfully the most piercing remains in memory.

    It is not enough to convey: "I am unreal cheap. Buy me for 250 bucks." We'll have to tell an irresistible story.

    Nothing works - get ready for this. This situation, which will come in the next second.

    Creating a piercing message that will hook people on an emotional level is a star task. It is incredibly difficult, but it is possible.

    How? Let's take a look at the pursuit of a train that lasts the whole history of humanity. There are compelling things in it that have always touched people. It contained Homer's Odyssey and Van Gogh, the Beatles, Dostoevsky and Nirvana. Do you understand what I'm getting at? To the fact that you need to strive for the impossible: an irresistible product, an irresistible message, an irresistible legend. Only in this case tomorrow your marketing will work. That is why you need to love your copywriters, especially star. That is why you need to look for the best top managers, and get rid of mediocre ones - and be happy about it here and now, and not chase after things that do not give you happiness.

    Time is more precious than ever, the report of seconds begins right now.

    Watch the video: Ram Dass Here and Now Episode 13 Fast Forward (December 2019).


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