What is success and is there a place for it in the business world?

Have you ever thought about luck? About why some people she bathes in her mercy, and others bypasses a kilometer? Why does someone plow like a damned and does not see results, and someone, without straining, gets all the best? Is there a place for luck in the business world? And if so, how to tame it? I am sure that such questions have repeatedly visited your head.

Recently, I thought about this issue and discovered for myself just such an interesting pattern. When an Olympic runner wins a gold medal or the chef gets a chic feedback from a client, for some reason no one talks about luck - “This is deserved,” “A man worked hard to achieve such results.” But when someone succeeds in businessfor some reason, all merits are attributed to luck and "the stars who came together at the right time in the right way."

Don't you think this is somehow ... wrong?

After all, in fact, how is business different from sports? The people who have opened their business work no less than athletes preparing for serious competitions. Every day for a long period of time they train and hone their skills, look for ideas and correct their mistakes. It is like preparing for the Olympics: long, systematic, full of small victories and disappointments.

Does this mean that luck does not exist?

Not. Luck exists, it is indisputable. Just different people perceive it differently.

Imagine the situation. You signed up for swimming and met the girl of your dreams there. After a while, you marry her and find out that her father is a big businessman. After a year of married life, he invites you to work in his company, and soon you become a rich and successful person. What is it? Luck? Or is there something else behind this?

Most of the others, of course, without hesitation, will say: "That was a lucky guy! He fell in love with a girl whose father has a big shot." But in reality, everything is much deeper ... In reality, the father would not offer you a high position if you didn’t have such qualities as intelligence, determination, ability to see and assess the situation, sociability, and readiness to accept such a generous gift.

So what is luck? Based on my own experience and the experience of some other people, I tried to give her the definition:

Luck is the moment when your skills, preparedness and intuition meet with opportunity. This is not the manna of God, not a gift for being so special, born in a shirt or under a lucky star. It is a reward for your work and willingness to accept any result.

I will give one more illustrative example. Recently, my old friend called me and said that his company finally began to make a profit, 3 years after its creation (I will not indicate the scope of activities, this is not the point). And he sincerely did not understand why this happened just now. From its inception to the present day, its employees performed the same job: no marketing and PR, no new promising personnel. The same actions repeated day after day.

Why did luck deign to come to him after so much time?

Honestly, I do not know the answer to this question, but one thing I can say for sure: it works on this principle - appears when you least expect it.

If you are watching the Olympics in Sochi, you probably heard about the event that occurred during the final competition in short track among women. Four athletes participated in the race: Italian, Korean, British and Chinese. The first three girls immediately took the lead, leaving behind a weaker rival from China. Chinese women had no chance, and she understood that perfectly. But then a real miracle happened: the Briton could not stay on her feet and knocked down the Italian and Korean. As a result, Li Jianzhou, who was the last throughout the race, was ahead and finished in splendid isolation.

Luck comes to those who are ready for it.

Believe it or not, but I am absolutely sure that our success directly depends on our belief in luck. If we consider ourselves losers in life and unworthy of gifts of fate, we will not be able to notice and take advantage of the opportunities that open up before us.

It's like in the parable about the unfortunate person:

The emperor had an acquaintance who was constantly unlucky. And once he decided to conduct an experiment: put a jar of gold coins right in the way of this unfortunate man, so that he would pick it up and stop considering himself unlucky. What do you think happened when he did that? For some reason this man closed his eyes, accidentally kicked the can with his foot and passed by. When asked why he closed his eyes, he replied: "I checked if I could walk normally if I suddenly became blind." The poor man enjoyed his tragic life so much that even when luck put a gift to him right under his nose, he did not notice it.

And the situation is completely different when you believe in luck and consider yourself worthy of her attention. In this case, you are ready to accept her gift at any time. Not only that, you yourself are looking for and asking for these gifts. You think of luck as an additional ingredient of success that complements the rest: knowledge, skills, perseverance, insight, etc. Luck is not what happens to you, but what you take from each opportunity presented to you.

Someone is sitting in the shade today only because he planted a tree in his time.

This is an excellent quote from Warren Buffett, which accurately captures the essence of the foregoing. Everyone has hard times in life and in business. Some overcome them, some do not. Perhaps those who achieved success, stupidly lucky. Or maybe they just kissed someone on their bald spots and began to work hard.

Good luck friends!

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