What can you do right now bro

That's all they say that in the West, articles write better than in Russia. They say that here we have only rewriters and translators. I decided to correct this situation and write the coolest and most useful article on the Russian Internet. And I will write it with your help - I am not a genius. But first things first…

Here are the top five of my favorite tools that immediately give results in the form of leads.

The main conditions for the selection of tools - only two.

  1. Its implementation should take no more than one day.
  2. For the implementation will not need superpowers. You will need hands and a brain. When implementing, you can use your hands other than your own - that is, you can set the task for your employees. But the brain ...


What can you do right now, bro?

In runet a lot of working freebies, which gives quite tangible results. People here are sharing traffic straight and do not require anything in return. I remember, I heard in 2014 that now it has become more difficult to work and traffic has become too expensive.

But if it is expensive for you to buy traffic - take it away for free, I don’t feel sorry for you personally, bro.

Meet forum partnersearch.ru. It's simple to register with it.

When I was selling a ready-made business, I found the most solvent and adequate clients there. There are serious uncles, configured for cooperation and partnership. If your profile is a service, then try this site and see what happens.

If someone does not suit either the first or the second, then there is a "Yandex" for him. You just need to write your keywords in the search - and if in the top ten there will be bulletin boards on which you can fit, then you definitely have to be on them. For example, the issue will be "Avito" and "From hand to hand." Get comfortable. This is free traffic - though not always.

Bro, set yourself a CallBackHunter. I myself did not believe to the last that this thing works. Then he installed it on his website - and customers began to call more often. Just do it. One hour you spend, yes.

CallBackHunter doesn’t like it specifically - install something else that works on the same principle. Install it.

And then, bro, let's no offense, but many of you ...

Understand, you may not have a cool, fashionable office in the center of the city, but the site - the site should be on the level. It is for him that people have a first impression about you and your company.

Personally, I like the service Nethouse.ru. Because it is without layout and code. I do not need to be a programmer to make a website for myself. And it connects CallBackHunter, but for me it is important.

You can create a site in one day. And from the entire list it is the most time-consuming option. Redirect from your domain to a new site. Not forever, at least for a day. And see what happens. 302 redirect, it seems, but it is better to ask the IT specialist.

- What do you think?

- It will not work!

- And if it works?

- Well I do not know!

- Imagine, with the previous site traffic, your number of leads will increase.

- Oh, nonsense.

- With the same advertising budget, you will have more deals and money.


- Well, whatever you want, I do not insist.

Bro, right now you can collect the e-mail addresses of all "thinking" customers, all former customers - in general, all those who once used your product are going to use or cannot decide at all. To collect, for example, in the table Excel.

Download to the mailing service and write them a letter in which you will offer something interesting.

Former customers can offer to purchase something - service, additional service - or conduct a survey. "Thinking" clients - to give something that will help them move from thinking to action.

I use Mailchimp, although I don’t know English. But better, I think, will take advantage of "Uniseender."

So, for hipsters mailchimp.com, and for you unisender.ru.

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Well that's all. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the serious challenge and neat disclaimer.

If you try all this and you do not have more leads, then on December 31, 2016, I will personally ride a bicycle along Nevsky Prospect in St. Petersburg with your company logo on a helmet. From Palace Square to Ploshchad Vosstaniya and back. Past Kazan Cathedral, Anichkov Palace and the main office "VKontakte".

December 31 in St. Petersburg will be very cold. But I am determined. Do you know why? Because I am sure that these tools work.

How long is my challenge? I am waiting for your verdict until December 11, 2016. For this month, you will definitely have time to try all these tools, if you are not lazy.

And now a neat disclaimer. If you have just opened a legal entity, and you have not had deals yet, then my challenge is not for you. In order for CallBackHunter or Nethouse to work, you must initially have at least 50 people on the site per day. If there are 49, then the call is not considered. And let Texterra judge all disputes and disagreements.

Now it's your time. Share your chip, bro

Let's finish this article together.

The main condition is that it does not take a lot of time and gives a result.

For example, my friend Roman Yuryevich made the sign "Products24" twice the size of the previous one. Now it can be clearly seen on the other side of the road. And store attendance increased by half.

I just came up with this example, but it accurately reflects the idea - you invest once, and you get the result forever.

With the world on a thread - a naked shirt. Under this article there is a field for entering comments. Let's just throw in the field to the grain of their knowledge and look at the harvest.

Write the best checklist. Let's not wait for someone to give us an article with magic pills, and write it ourselves. For myself.

If you see that someone has already written your piece - write anyway. This technique is called "social proof." When you see that a lot of people do that, then you start doing it yourself. This is a crucial moment!

Perhaps you are too lazy to share your tools, register here, then pick up words, write ... Then at least repost this article fraternal. And it will be a good contribution. Thank you in advance, bro.


Ps. I sincerely love everyone. I hug everyone. All good.

And the last request - we start with the words "Bro, right now you can ...".

Come on, bro, I believe in you, you can ...

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