SHOCK! Spamming will save Russian marketing

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Now I work as an e-mail marketer in a federal IT project. I have everything there as it should: segmentation, automation, targeting, and only snow-white bases with a double-opt-in. But two years ago I started with spam mailing. And I must say, succeeded in this.

I will not promote spam and certainly not looking for a client. I tied up!

But I want to share my experience, because I am writing about you - those who received my letters every day and could not unsubscribe from them. (:


I always liked spam because everything is against you. Everyone is used to treating spam badly. And you, probably, too. And in order to respond to spam, you have to try hard, you need to write a truly strong offer.

I will show you my examples, and you will understand that this article is not really about my spam mailings, but about your Unique selling proposition (UTP).

In general, let's go. Buckle up!


    Spam works! And often helps mini business with micro budgets

    I was in St. Petersburg, a startup for the delivery of corporate lunches. The situation was as follows: they just opened up, seemingly agreed with the couriers, suppliers and manufacturing. The moment came when they needed customers.

    On this basis, we began our acquaintance.

    And here we are sitting in a cafe, drinking coffee, and discussing ... no, not an action plan and marketing strategy, but an environmental friendliness of this event.

    "I immediately remove spam and never read it," they say to me at every meeting, "they offer all sorts of rubbish: either an increase in the reproductive organs, or daily earnings."

    People tell me all this because they want to see my reaction: how can I blush and what arguments will I give in response. And yet - they want to disclaim responsibility.

    I always answer that in the b2b sector, sending a letter without permission is the same as making a cold call without permission. Have you ever wondered why you can not send cold letters, and you can make cold calls? Call 50 times a day and offer admission SRO - this is normal ...

    “Where did you get my number from?”

    “But I don’t know, our marketing department finds contacts and teaches us to“ include a fool ”in such matters.

    Do you know how they found you? The person with whom you registered today a company with the appropriate OKVED gave them your number and is waiting for their profits.

    Imagine, the owner of the business is sitting, doing his own work, and here he receives a letter. He opens it and understands that this is spam mailing, that he is not subscribed to my letters. And in my letter everything is smeared like honey: I offer him to increase profits and reduce costs, I show examples of my work and say that the payment is made on the fact of the work done.

    The offer is really profitable, it will be a fool if it does not agree. The very fact that the letter is spam goes into the background.

    I am writing a letter and I know that if I offer him something very worthwhile, he will be grateful to me. This gratitude is felt when he asks questions in the reply letter or when he talks on the phone about the letter I sent him. It is felt in his intonations, in his voice and in his questions.

    Yes, I feel.

    But back to the delivery of corporate meals.

    Having drunk coffee and having heard all my arguments in favor of letters, having listened to all my comparisons with cold calls, all metaphors and allegories, the clients decided to take their hands off - and I set to work.

    In spam, as elsewhere, one should begin by collecting the base and answering the question "who is my client and where is he?". The main thing here is to start a conversation with yourself: "Why would I be interested to leave a request and order a corporate lunch for myself?"

    - Exactly! I order a corporate lunch for someone who has a bad lunch.

    - Thanks, Cap! As I myself did not guess?

    - Yes, wait! Look, this person definitely does not work in the center of St. Petersburg, ”I answer with confidence,“ wherever you spit, you will get into a public catering. ”

    - So, he works on the outskirts of the city? - I ask a question to myself. (:

    - Yes exactly.

    - You know, in general, I agree with you, I myself worked in a residential area and I know that they prepare tasteless and always problems with public catering.

    - It seems sorted out?

    - Yes, you can collect the base.

    I collect the base from the green zone, I don’t touch the center - my client works on the outskirts of the city in an inaccessible place, with a lame infrastructure.

    Base collected. In it - only legal entities.

    Never send spam to the b2c segment. You will be sent to ***, they will explain to you in the mighty Russian, who you are, and quite indelicately doubt your sexual orientation. And in the b2b segment they will say "thank you".

    Let's return to our corporate belyash. After the base is assembled, you need to write a letter.

    Here is a small digression.

    To send 10,000 spam emails to inbox, you need to write 10,000 texts. Otherwise, you will not miss spam filters. Spam text looks something like this:

    {Hello. | Good afternoon. | Colleagues, good afternoon. | Good day, colleagues. | Colleagues, hello. | Greetings.}

    {This letter | We write | We send our letter | We write | This letter we write | Our KP | We write specially | We specially wrote this letter}


    {heads of sales | managers | directors of sales | for commercial and general directors | directors | general directors | companies involved in real estate | companies whose profits {depends | directly depends}


    {sales department | good job sales managers}}.

    {In 1 minute | In 30 seconds | In 45 seconds} we will tell you how we can bla-bla-bla ...

    But I will not mock you like this, I will get one final version from the whole deck. The letter was:

    "Hello colleagues.

    It is very possible that you do not like business lunches in the local cafeteria - maybe there are high prices, and maybe there is no cafe there. If so, then we will gladly feed you with our delicious lunch.

    We are the company "______", and we deliver delicious, hearty meals to the offices of St. Petersburg.

    The first lunch will be free for you personally.

    This letter is to all those who love healthy food for a reasonable price.

    Order 1st free lunch. Link - //"

    Perhaps you didn’t like the form to which the link led. Nevertheless, she collected 8 applications per day.

    Feedback from my customer. "Though there are few applications, but these are the hottest applications," he said in a joyful voice, "people happily agreed on the first free lunch and it was not freeloaders." Those who had a lunch question were sharper than wasabi left the application.

    I must admit that I did not always send my letters to the b2b segment. But I would never know that spam is better for individuals not to send.


    My next example.

    It is given: dentistry.

    Problem: few clients => the equipment is idle => doctors are indignant

    Solution: action => free inspection for everyone

    The results in the figure below.

    And one of the variants of the letter sounded something like this:

    Further the link to the capture form. The point is that examinations in this clinic are always free, and any reason was just needed.

    If cold letters collect so many requests, imagine what will happen if you show this message to representatives of interested traffic on your site. An interesting feature of this example - it was those who had thoughts about the dentist who responded. Those who have already thought for a month have come, "I should have gone to the dentist already."

    For the sake of fairness, I note that not all who came for the examination were left to heal their teeth. But the demand was much greater than the capacity of the clinic. And I will not even talk about the fact that some people eventually became regular clients of this clinic.

    We go further.

    Another example from the category b2b - the production of enclosures for devices.

    The problem is that any production already has a contractor who makes buildings for their equipment. Kickbacks there and so on ...

    “No chance here,” they said. But I tried and that's what happened:

    Immediately in the forehead talking about the key benefits.

    1. We save money, reduce costs (by the way, I was bluffing here - I did not know the prices of competitors).
    2. Freebie! We send a sample for free.

    Full version of the landing page - //

    Results from one newsletter:

    I don’t know whether to say it, but ... There were among them those who asked not to write to corporate email any more, but to keep contact at a different address in order to (naturally) discuss kickbacks.


    There were also idle projects in my practice.

    For one and a half years of work, I tested more than sixty niches. Being engaged in spam mailings where everyone hates you, I understood the following. It's not about the spam mailing itself and not about my ability to write selling texts. Everything depends on the quality of the product that you offer to the market.

    It's all about the offer.

    Your client does not care how you went to him. If your product helps people in life, then do not worry - you will be found and paid.

    Let you be hiding, resisting, to the last excuse. You will still find and pay. Be sure of that.


    Yes, I agree, my article has not been sent to anyone at all.

    But I feel that there will be that reader who will say out loud to his colleagues: "well, well, his, this spam, is razvodilovo specific!". And he himself thinks that it is interesting, that there is something in it, and that he has just the b2b segment ...

    Yes, and in the horoscope today they wrote - in order for a day to be successful, you need to take a fresh look at familiar things ...

    Further I write for these people.

    During my spamming life there were a lot of insights about marketing and product. And the last one was: “to find a client in the b2b segment, you don’t have to send 10,000 emails in a day”.

    Believe it or not, but if you have a decent offer, then you need to send only 20-30 letters to your target audience. You will not be added to the spam lists, and will not be blocked on Google, Yandex and Mail, but will quietly miss the letters in the inbox. It is not punishable.

    30 letters. And as if Dovlatov wrote, "that's all, you know ... everything!".

    If you do not have at least one counter question with 30 letters, then the offer is weak. Very weak. It is necessary to rewrite the letter from the point of view of the client and offer something extraordinary. Perhaps, of course, that the base is not the same. But in the b2b segment they usually know their client.

    What to do if you want to find your UTP?

    And the sponsor of our spam mailing will be Google itself today. Go to Google CHROME => Google extensions //

    We are looking for a GMass extension:

    Install - and voila: now you are a certified Google spammer. :) You only need mail and google-disk.

    Important! Google allows you to send 100 letters, but you do not need to send more than 30. If you have no responses with 30 letters, then your offer is complete ...

    On the disk, create a table:

    Base gather from search Yandex or Google. And put them in the Google spreadsheet:

    Next, go to the mail Gmail. We are interested in the red icon with the "@" sign.

    After you click the button, Google will ask you to select the table you previously created.

    After that, you will have a window for writing.

    Do not worry that in the "To" column all the recipients appeared at once. The recipient will not see that the email has been sent to other users.

    Write your super texts.

    When you write a cold letter, it is better not to use the official tone. The more the text is similar to spoken language, the better.

    The formula of the text looks like this: "we know that it hurts you - let us cure it." We know that you have nowhere to eat, let us bring you lunch.

    The fewer characters, the better.

    When the text is written, press the GMass button and accept applications. While we are waiting for applications, I will say a couple of thoughts about the subject of the letter.

    The purpose of the topic is to open the letter. The best anchor for a man is his name. The best title in the b2b segment is the company name of the recipient. For example, OJSC "Daisy".

    I had a lot of tests with the subject of the letter.

    I even remember that he wrote in the subject line "Are you there, completely bored?" or "Do you work there at all?".

    And the first paragraph added: "Hello, you will not believe it, but this title beats all records on the opening of letters)." And then got down to business.

    But the best heading is still the name of the company to which you are writing a “cold” letter. After you send all the letters, you can see the statistics.

    Caring Google will show the number of open letters and links. It's funny when you see that your letter was opened 6 times, but it was never written back.

    Knowing the name of the recipient, you can afford to play a little (for fun) and write:

    “Dear Nikolai Petrovich, you opened my letter 6 times. I don’t even know what to think about. If you are so indifferent to our press, maybe we’ll start working together?”


    If you think about it, then I helped my clients not to get bids for their product at the lowest price. I helped them to form an offer for the market. A really strong proposition.


    If you do not send the application, then do not be upset.

    Rewrite the text, add a couple of "nishtyakov", remove unnecessary - and send again to a different audience. But only the next day! The limit is 30 letters per day.

    So, you see, test your UTP week and find the right option, which the market will tell you: "Oh yes! I agree to buy it, even if our acquaintance began with spam."

    Sasha Karepina will help you with her book "We write convincingly. A copywriter for himself", as she once helped me. This is the best book on copywriting. I reread it every 3 months.

    And when you find your UTP, then you won't need spam anymore. After all, you can voice your new proposal on the official website. And the result will be an increase in the quality and quantity of applications with the same site traffic.

    That's all.

    And finally, I will say (: Do not consider spam as a source of cheap applications, although this is certainly true. Spam is a tool that will help you create a powerful UTP.

    A test week of 30 letters a day is more than enough. In response questions you will understand the weak points of your proposal. Counter questions will touch precisely those moments in which people doubt. And this is very good! The market itself will point you to weaknesses.

    Good luck in business and in business.

    I sincerely love Russian marketing and with all my soul I believe in it. I believe in the fact that the world is heading down the direct path to a high-quality and necessary product for people.

    Product solves! Yes, exactly the one you are selling. 5-7 years - and we all come to a good product, for which we will not be ashamed.

    I love everyone. Thanks to all.

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