Juicy content on dry topics: 5 tips plus Margot Robbie in the Jacuzzi

Beginning in 2010, more than half of marketers say that creating their own content is their biggest headache. Particularly bitter tears pour representatives of the B2B segment and difficult areas of business - dry and seemingly boring. If you are too sleepy when you leaf through articles from your blog, read how to fix the situation.

What is the problem?

When it comes to content marketing, most often you and I are shown obvious examples from exciting areas - these are goosebumps from GoPro video, Red Bull's dizzying stunts, and juicy travel reports, and bum on posters of fitness clubs. To write, draw and shoot for such topics, God himself commanded. Here content oozes with colors - manage to change flash drives and publish posts.

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But not everyone is lucky with the theme. It is difficult to create something viral for cleaning septic tanks, and the benefits of investing in a subprime mortgage loan are hardly understandable at all. Attractive content without an attractive brand is painfully difficult to build. Serious topics are often confusing and lead to mistakes in strategy.

Dry and boring ≠ expert and important

Sometimes customers write me letters in the style of "the text does not fit, because the reader will not understand that we are a serious company." And then hell - in the text of the edits with scattered in a chaotic manner, professionals, experts and dynamics. You know what that reminds you of?

“When in the second year I was asked to work in some kind of macroeconomics, in which I didn’t touch my foot, I stuffed it to the brim with smart terms to look cooler. For the four, I rolled, but from the point of view of the content strategy, it's crazy!

This does not mean that banks and insurance companies should start blogging articles with the words "hello, bro" or "don't worry, help," but you can remove the mask of harsh seriousness. Why not do it, as in the movie "The game on the slide"?

Do not tell me that he did not present her with red and blue hair :)

I will not argue, many serious companies will not risk expressing themselves in this spirit, but you must admit, it’s a spectacular way to draw attention to the boring topic of mortgage loans. But to implement such a trick, you must have developed a style of communication with customers.

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Company voice

One of the tasks of content marketing is to virtually make friends with the reader, to get into his confidence. If every time it will be done by a different person - a businessman, a hipster student, a caring grandmother - there will be no sense. Especially when you have several content distribution channels working at once. It turns out that a serious uncle gives financial advice in a blog, and a pimply student joins Twitter. Split personality and total dissonance of the user.

Write a style guide, write down what phrases the company will never use, what type of headings are prohibited, the business purpose for which the content is created. This will help your subordinates to make texts, infographics and video in one rhythm, speak with one voice, make equally interesting content in all directions.

Do not neglect research

No matter how many girls you are sectioning in your videos or, no matter how hilariously joking about Jews, there will be no effect until the audience shows interest. After all, you are a marketer first, so research should come first. Especially if you talk about financial schemes, and not about jumping from space or competitions of wet T-shirts.

For example, the owner of the tent came to you with new and used radios for truckers. Let there be a conditional uncle Vitalik, who decided to go online and conquer content marketing.

  1. Lecture hall. I would advise to speak with representatives in person or at least on the forum. Find out what interests them. Ask what infuriated last week, and why have a good laugh on this one.
  2. Competitors. Expected in blogs and social networks on this topic there is no normal content - hell of hell and boring boredom. Any living word and interesting infographics will make a success, so go ahead and with a song!
  3. Trends. While the rest are telling you how to choose a walkie-talkie or cause yawning characteristics, tell me:
    • - how to tune in and listen to civilian channels or the police;
    • - where free software download for equipment;
    • - about testing for communication range;
    • - how to ask for help on the radio abroad;
    • - where to eat or sleep on the highway or while standing in line at the customs post;
    • - producer news.
  4. Content promotion channels. It will be necessary to distribute outside the box - search for live forums, thematic platforms. In Instagram photos of a new radio are unlikely to gain a lot of repost. Although who knows, you can experiment, if you don’t feel sorry for Uncle Vitalik’s money.

Having collected the necessary data, it remains to make the content interesting. There are many ways to attract attention - use less expensive for Uncle Vitalik first, but remember that nobody canceled testing.

5 proven ways to make a blog interesting

1. Shoot the video

I will give an example. News from the central channels regularly cover a protracted conflict in Syria. Who and who is fighting is not clear even after the tenth release. Our win, the States - the bad guy seems to be, Turkey - the worst enemy ... or is it already a friend? Now watch a short video from the Vox news channel. On the content do not say - rate the flow. Even your school English is enough to understand what's what.

They have dozens of videos on the channel - briefly and visually about the complex. I dream of the day when our news agencies do something similar. Even as a theme for video, videos like "how it's made" work well.

2. Make infographics

One chart that you have laid out in Excel at dinner is not ice. A good infographics contains so much useful information that it is enough for a full article. Here are a couple of good examples: one and two.

To do such wonders, you need to know a few principles of good infographics:

  1. Simple concept and understandable topic.
  2. Specific data that can be easily presented.
  3. Emotions or trend topic in the title.
  4. Story. Without storytelling nowhere, so there must be logic.
  5. Surprise. Well, if the title is clinging statement.

3. To surprise regularly, think:

  1. What part of the business does Uncle Vitalik discuss not at the meeting, but over a glass of beer on Friday?
  2. How to use the product for other purposes?
  3. Who creates the product, and what's going on behind the scenes?
  4. Where do you bring raw materials from? Up to the mines and plantations.
  5. Are there success stories when the product completely changed someone's life?

4. Give something away for free.

Book, video tutorial, favorite mug of the general. The word "free", perhaps, interests better than anyone else. At least, having seen it in an article or on the screen, I’ll definitely spend a couple of seconds to find out what is just distributed there.

5. Spy on competitors

Use successful case studies for content ideas. Here are three examples of working content marketing in a complex (boring) subject.

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Focus on the best

Tinkoff magazine. I read it regularly. I regularly get useful information. I regularly understand complex topics. If you compare with the banking sector, then there is no other bank that would have such a cool blog. Here, everything - and the presentation of the material, and design, and value.

If you have not read the TexTerra case for the HeliCo Group, I recommend. Working on the project, we managed to create a blog that could interest a dollar millionaire. Not just to be interested, but to convince you of the need for a purchase with a value from 700,000 dollars.

Blocks, cinder blocks. The Cheboksary Construction Plant writes really cool articles and makes cool experiments, finds unconventional ways to use such an "exciting" product as gas and foam concrete.


I think that only the domination of boring content makes your business boring. The established opinion and stamps ingrained in the subcortex of copywriters do not allow making a step aside. But whatever you do - everything can be done cool. If you think a niche is boring and unsuitable for content marketing - dance and launch salutes. This means that you probably have no competition in this field. What are you saying, boy? Yes, you are right - this means that in 99% of your attempts to launch content marketing will shoot and hit the target. The main thing is to want and find an approach.

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