TexTerra Digest No. 2: the main thing in digital over the week

Begin certification of agencies and web studios for the new platform "Yandex. Dialogues"

There are too many people who want to improve the Alice network, and Yandex will select the most promising ones. Here is what they say about this in the press service of the company:

"The demand for skills creation greatly exceeds the number of quality offers on the market. (...) In the next three months we will actively work with those agencies and web studios that want to become our partners. Our task is to make sure that a potential partner can create script and program quality skill according to customer expectations. "

If you suddenly do not know what skills we are talking about. At the end of May, Yandex introduced a new service, Yandex.Dialogy, for brands and their customers. Through it, users will be able to order goods and services. "Yandex.Dialogs" differ from other intermediary services in that Alice is responsible for the interaction of brands and Central Asia here.

It looks like this: the company creates a chat on Yandex.Dialogs and connects it to the neural network. Alice serves as a customer service manager: picks up the product, places an order, redirects to the form of payment. For large companies, this is a find: in fact, Alice replaces an entire customer service department.

However, online consultants do not need to worry about unemployment. Certification has just begun, and its results will show how Alice is useful in marketing. The first wave of certification will last 3 months. In its framework, partner companies will be asked to develop 3 applied skills for the neural network, which will improve work with clients. Fill out an application for certification here.

Now among the partners of Yandex.Dialogov are MegaFon, Sberbank, Papa Johns and other brands known in Russia. Some of them shared with us their expectations for the service:

“We are planning to integrate some products into Alice’s voice assistant. Now we want Alice to help users choose movies and TV shows on MegaFon.TV and are developing this skill for her,” said MegaFon’s press service.

“Colleagues from Yandex contacted us about 1.5 years ago and talked about this project. We took it with great interest, because voice assistant Alex is developing well in the US and it’s natural that this trend will be popular in Russia Therefore, we started cooperation. We started testing Alice one of the first. We collected all the bumps, it was not easy, but still we are happy. We are looking forward to the development and increase of user involvement. and we will make a profit " , - Andrey Makeev, CEO of FlowWow.

"Sberbank" officially commented on the recent incident with the indexation of private information

On July 12, SEO specialist Pavel Medvedev on his Facebook page uploaded screenshots of the Yandex search results, which included personal data of Sberbank clients and other large companies. The post was accompanied by an ironic comment "152 FZ? No, not heard" (we are talking about the Federal Law "On Personal Data").

In the "Yandex" immediately explained that the search robot indexes all pages in the settings that are not prohibited from indexing. Sberbank delicately avoided answering why the company did not close the pages of its site from being indexed, but they said that no client was hurt.

“The information on these links does not contain personal data of Sberbank’s customers and does not bear any risk for them. The bank and its customers are reliably protected by modern cyber security systems,” the bank’s press service said.

Podcasts interest users more than blogs

This is evidenced by data from Google Trends. This is a keyword search chart. The word “podcast” is highlighted with a blue line, “blog” and “blogs” are red and yellow, respectively.

Google announced a new tool for the creators of video content

The Copyright Match Tool service will help protect the copyright on the YouTube video. He finds copies of videos uploaded to other channels. If the creator of the video finds his video on another channel, he will be able to report it through a special form. Technical support will figure out who uploaded the video first and take appropriate action.

Now the service is available only to the authors of large channels - from 100 thousand subscribers.

VKontakte entered the top three in terms of contact payments from iOS

For the first half of the year, the owners of iPhones spent the most money in the VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and Boom apps. Such data leads "Kommersant" with reference to the service analytics App Annie. Last year, Russian iOS users spent the most in the liters application. In the current ranking, he dropped to 4th place.

Mail.Ru Group launched a paid survey service - Askbox

It has all the options for detailed and reliable analytics:

  • Sending polls through different channels (web, social networks, SMS, e-mail).
  • Transfer data to CRM or EPR.
  • Assessment of satisfaction index (NPS) and loyalty (CSI).
  • Display data in the form of graphs and tables.
  • Convenient survey templates.

The price of pleasure - from 990 p / month (package "Standard"). The service can be tested for free on a single survey.

The label "Prometheus Fire" now applies to individual VKontakte entries

It is distributed both to articles and short posts. The label guarantees the publication of increased coverage in the feed of users within 24 hours. If the records of the same author have previously received "Prometheus" priority ranking is increased to 7 days. To receive the "Fire of Prometheus" can be expected within a day after the publication of the record. If after this time the cherished label does not appear - try again with other materials.

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