Can a blog be a good source of income?

Each blogger monitors the results of the development of his blog, comparing it with other online magazines. Diary owners keep track of all sorts of metrics, pay attention to the slightest changes, and often think about how to increase revenues and stimulate sales if the blog is used for these purposes.

The marketing company Zig (USA) has researched 120 popular English-language blogs devoted to various topics. The company's specialists set out to explore the principles of the work of the blogosphere. In particular, they wanted to figure out whether blogs can generate revenue and how they do it. Below you will find the basic facts that Zig managed to establish during the course of the study.

How long do bloggers keep their web diaries

Less than 1% of Zig's respondents have been blogging for over 10 years. Please note that online diaries became very popular in the first half of the 2000s. Thus, most of the bloggers who stood at the origins of the blogosphere, retired.

More than 70% of respondents keep a journal for 2-6 years. More than 10% of bloggers keep a journal for 1-2 years. Experts Zig believe that many blogs that have appeared recently, were the reaction of marketers to the introduction of algorithms Penguin and Google Panda.

What is the monthly blog traffic

Most blogs have low traffic. Over 60% of Zig respondents reported that their resource attendance was less than 25,000 unique visitors per month.

Zig experts have found that blog traffic grows over time. The online journal is becoming more visited as the number of pages in the index and authority grows. In other words, the longer you blog, the higher your blog’s traffic.

Most bloggers, leading the resource for less than 2 years, can not boast attendance of more than 25,000 users per month. On the other hand, the attendance of blogs that are 6 years old or more often reaches 100,000 “unique people” per month.

Why do people blog

Only one in four bloggers keeps a diary to earn income. For approximately every third owner of the magazine resource is a hobby. Every fifth blogger shares his experience or wants to get recognition.

However, as traffic grows, blogs are transformed from a hobby into a source of income.

Does blogging generate revenue?

Surprisingly, 85.7% of bloggers receive income from keeping an online diary. Only 14.3% of respondents say they don’t get a penny for blogging.

Resource owners use different ways to monetize them. Advertising networks (including contextual advertising) and branded or sponsored content are among the most popular ones. Also, bloggers are engaged in consulting and organize paid speeches.

Two thirds of bloggers consider publishing branded and sponsored content as the most profitable ways to monetize resources. This method of generating income is far ahead of everyone else.

The profitability of various ways of monetization depends on the attendance of the resource. In addition, blog sponsorship and publishing branded content remain the most profitable strategy for monetizing niche resources.

Can I hire a blogger

More than 60% of bloggers work with brands for a fee. Almost a third of online magazine owners do it for free. Only every tenth blogger does not cooperate with brands.

The willingness of bloggers to provide paid services depends on the subject of blogs. Most often, do-it-yourself and kids-category site owners sell their services.

Don't know how much blogger services cost? Here are some data on the English-language blogosphere:

  • Creation and publication of the review - from 50 to 250 dollars.
  • Participation in online events - from 100 to 250 dollars.
  • Creating and publishing a sponsored article - from 50 to 500 dollars.

Naturally, the cost of services of bloggers depends on the attendance of their resource. For example, owners of sites with a attendance of 100,000 “unique people” per month charge for a review or sponsorship article up to $ 1,000.

The benefits of Zig research for beginners and continuing bloggers

The results of the Zig survey show that most bloggers keep online diaries for the sake of generating income. However, their appetites grow with the age of the magazine, the growth of its credibility and attendance. Most blog owners with more than 10,000 unique visitors per month keep diaries for profit.

Publishing sponsored content is the most common and profitable way to monetize resources. Visited niche blogs can be monetized, attracting one sponsor. Two thirds of bloggers provide paid services to brands and marketing agencies.

Thus, your blog can turn from a hobby into a source of income if you develop it for several years and ensure high traffic. When are you ready to start? Maybe you already have an online diary? Tell us about it in the comments.

Adaptation of How Blogs Generate Income by Heidy Cohen.

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