20 examples of design portfolio on the site

Any text about the company will be no more than a set of well-built phrases, if not supported by the section with the works. Portfolio - a passport, business card, pass to the world of serious customers. And you need to be able to make out.

The article collected 20 examples of pages "Portfolio" from different companies, so that you would appreciate how well they are made, and applied something in your own. Or corrected.

Art. Lebedev Studio

Link - //www.artlebedev.ru/everything/


  1. The creative name of the portfolio is “Designed”.
  2. Shows the total number of works - and it is impressive. And growing almost every day. Look now on the site: the number will be no longer 3621.
  3. The works are divided not only in the areas of studio activity, but also in the areas of client business. In any of the directions there is a division:
  1. If you click on the "All tags" button, you can go to close your miserable studio in the province to further penetrate:
  1. The principle of work organization - tiles that you scroll down for a long time:
  1. If you hover the cursor on a particular work, you can see the linked aspects of its creation:
  1. Inside:
  • describes the task and signs the process of its solution;
  • indicates that it was created as part of solving the problem:
  • information about all project executives:
  1. At the end of the page with the works there is a sharing panel in social networks. Agree - it is better to share your portfolio, and not just copy / paste a link to it.

Art. Lebedev Studio is a legendary company. Their work on the bones dismantled, admiring and despising, in design circles and not only. One thing is clear - the guys have long gone from just web design to the graphic transformation of any subject of the material world. What is proof - a portfolio.

Altek company

Link - //altekpro.ru/portfolio/


  1. An interesting feature of the portfolio on this site is the search string:
  1. Customer reviews and their list are also included in the portfolio header - a good reception to enhance the impression from the list of works.
  2. Works are categorized to make it easier to see a specific activity. The "All" button is configured by default, it also returns a list of all jobs.
  3. Principle of organization:

The list is made with pagination - 15 pages of work inspire!

  1. Inside any job:
  • big photo of the place;
  • her description:

The company tried and made a smart portfolio on its website - a competent description of the work, details, high-quality photos. Everything works so that a young restaurateur or cafe owner should go there for the equipment of his establishment.

Construction company "Intechstroy"

Link - //almetfasad.ru/portfolio/


  1. The strange division of work is just one category of “Frontage Finishing”, clicking on which does not change the list of work - they are the same as in the category “Everything”.
  2. The list is as follows:
  1. The full list of works can be viewed by clicking on the "View more" button below.
  2. When you hover the cursor on any work, its description appears:
  • clicking on a magnifying glass will open the photo gallery for this work;
  • clicking on the links opens a detailed job description.
  1. How does it look from the inside:

As a person who participated in the purchase of a country house, I would like to read for each work, what and how was done - materials, tools, project timelines. This is not here - very sorry.

Furniture factory Lev Solovyov

Link - //www.sl-mebel.ru/portfolio/


  1. The portfolio is presented by sections - each with its own photographs of works - “Furniture for bars and restaurants”, “Furniture for private interiors”, “Restoration of furniture”, etc. Works are divided by pagination.
  2. Photos of any of the categories can be viewed in a slide show, and then return to the thumbnails.
  3. When you hover on any image, a tooltip appears that indicates that the work on the alt meta tag was not done:
  1. Moreover, if you click on the job, everything will be fine:

In this portfolio, you want to see not only a gallery of good photos for each work, but also to read at least a brief description - for example, who had the idea to dress the sofa in a jacket - “leather jacket” ?!

Atelier "Wardrobe"

Link - //www.g-atelier.ru/portfolio


  1. Intriguing inscription "This page presents the products created by the masters of the Atelier Wardrobe for our customers. Part 1". Like a chapter in history. The second part can be accessed if you click the "Watch more" button under all the works.
  2. The list of works is decorated with tiles that are simply flipped to the bottom of the page. Nothing signed.
  3. If you hover the cursor on a particular job, a magnifying glass icon will appear, which you can click on and go to the page from the picture galleries. Here is a surprise - when paging through photos, not / not only pictures from a different angle will be shown, but other works of the studio. This is misleading:

And here it is not entirely clear what they wanted to show:

  1. A strong reception at the end of the list of works - a call to action with a feedback form:

Atelier and clothes - not my topic. In this portfolio, the photos are beautiful, but the male mind requires descriptions and every single work is signed. Free consultation at the end - as a way to clarify issues to the portfolio.

Company "Repablayk"

Link - //republike.ru/portfolio.html


  1. Positive impression from the fact that all works are signed.
  2. The works are divided into categories that are not located above, but slightly below and on the side:
  1. Attention is drawn to the desire of the creators of the site to motivate visitors to want the same presentation:
  1. When you hover on the work there is an intriguing question:
  1. Each work inside consists of several parts:
  • presentation slideshow:
  • all working aspects:
  • Detailed job description:

Interestingly, the company has other services (for example, naming, website development, interior design), and the portfolio is filled only with work on creating presentations. Obviously, this is the main and, judging by the portfolio, the successful direction of the company.

Agency "VelikaPlaza"

Link - / progress / portfolio /


  1. In general, the Texterra portfolio consists of sections on customers, reviews, cases, certificates, and work directly. The agency characterizes its works:
  1. A very (!) Originally played the number of works in the portfolio. Read:
  1. Works are decorated with pictographs-categories:
  1. When you open any of them, a portfolio of works appears directly with the name of the direction, a brief description and signed screenshots. When you hover on any work link appears "More":
  1. The page in the "Content" category inside contains a link to the original and a high-quality screenshot of the entire (!) Article that can be expanded on social networks, as well as directly from the page to the next work.
  2. Works in other categories in the structure of the internal representation differ from each other. Here, for example, is a view from the inside of one of the works in the "Website Development" category:

Here you can see the most important output data: the address of the site, the CMS, the task, the work performed and screenshots of the pages, how the site looks in different adaptations, the features are listed and information about the persons who participated in the development is listed.

In the category "Video content" in the examples of works the filmed videos are logically shown.

Like the entire portfolio, any work ends with a call to action with filling out a feedback form:

If you collect the work of Texterra in one file, it will be white paper and a marketing kit in one. Like any specialist from the world of Internet marketing, I strive to have the same baggage, even if it's damn difficult.

OST art forge factory

Link - //ostmetal.com/portfolio/


  1. The main portfolio page contains a short text describing the OST company, a list of works. Please note - the pictures are watermarked:
  1. When you hover to work there is a magnifying glass. If you click, a modal window opens - a photo gallery with a description of the project and the geographical location of the object
  1. Portfolio can be shared on social networks. This is a direct indication:

You expect more work from any portfolio - there are only 21 - despite the fact that the company has had a website since 2001. Perhaps not all the work can be shown or the landing page created not so long ago. In any case, I would like to wish OST to increase the number of works. They have beautiful literally words.

Workshop "Verb"

Link - //glagol-maket.ru/blog/cases


  1. The portfolio is called Customer Case Studies. The panel with cases is located at the top of the window, for each provided statistics on views, the name and a short description. Works are separated by pagination:
  1. A detailed description of the work at the same time is an entry from the “Cases” section of the layout developer's blog:
  1. For each project, the output is specified:

and talked about the artists:

  1. For each case, you can see in detail the whole process of creating a layout:
  1. All cases end with a call to share it on social networks,, order a layout or go to the blog of the main layout designer:

Super portfolio with first-class images, a detailed description of each work. In Penza, the work can be viewed live - the models are exhibited in many shopping centers of the city. And yes - these are my countrymen, proud of them. They make it so difficult, but ...

Company "Remsk"

Link - //remsk.net/portfolio.html


  1. The works are divided into categories, signed, divided by pagination and contain a brief description:

If you click on the "Read more" button, a photo gallery of a specific work will open:

In the study of this portfolio, cognitive dissonance arises - on the one hand such beautiful images, brief descriptions and "Read more", on the other - just photos. About repair I want to know much more.

Agency "PrazdnikON"

Link - //www.prazdnikon.ru/foto-i-video


  1. Portfolio is presented in three sections:
  1. The portfolio of children's holidays begins with a "slaughter" example:
  1. The same can be said about the anniversary organization portfolio:
  1. The pages in this section of the portfolio are organized as follows:
  • photo gallery:
  • event recording:
  • scheme of work with the customer:
  • and a few more selling points:
  • and at the end immediately two forms of feedback:
  1. What can you do with any work from the portfolio and in general with a page? Right:

The main page of the portfolio looks weak compared to the design of its sections. But there is everything: status, quality of text-graphic description, selling blocks. Serious approach - serious customers.

Studio PhotoIDEAL production

Link - //photo-ideal.ru/portfolio/


  1. The portfolio consists of six thematic sections:
  1. When you click on the button in more detail, a list of photos opens, which you can see if you scroll down the page. There are no usual arrows and photo galleries, but the photos are signed and watermarked:
  1. For each work, you can contact the studio by filling out the feedback form:

That portfolio, which does not require long (perhaps short too) text descriptions. The photos speak for themselves: international medical teams, expensive perfume items, advertising materials, interiors, like from the pages of fashion magazines.


Link - //dubokservis.ru/nashi-raboty/


  1. The works in the portfolio are organized according to the principle "Before and after" and signed by the name of car brands, the works are separated by pagination:
  1. The number of models and the result of the work inspire respect for me as a driver. Actually ... everything!

Very concise. You simply travel through its pages, slide it back and forth with the slider, and look at the terrible dents and scratches from which then there is not a trace left. Against the background of the overwhelming majority of service stations, who have nothing but a telephone, this portfolio looks decent.

Cleaning Company "From the Heart"

Link - //uborkavufe.ru/portfolio.html


  1. Portfolio goes between two end-to-end website blocks:
  • competitive advantages of the company:
  • list of clients:
  1. Works are signed and have relevant photos:
  1. If you hover the cursor, its “circle” will turn into a square image:
  1. The positive point is that in many photographs employees in uniforms are shown, where the name of the company - “From a pure heart” is well read.

I do not understand why it was not to make a gallery of works on each object of cleaning, to tell you what areas and what were cleaned. This is very logical and would add weight to the portfolio. However, the customer list speaks for itself.

Tattoo Studio "Hey, Captain!"

Link - //haycaptaintattoo.com/portfolio


  1. Portfolio long (from the word "very") is loaded - the only such example from the collection.
  2. All works are signed and watermarked salon:
  1. Clicking on any work opens a window with an enlarged photo:
  1. If you flip through photos, it will not be the same work from a different angle, and the other - with a new tattoo:

Used needles, ink for tattoos, work time and price — unfortunately there is no such information about the works. Obviously, the images here solve much more.

Confectionery Coolnws Foods

Link - //www.coolnws.ru/home_sweet/portfolio/


  1. Works in the portfolio are divided into categories, but there is no category "All". A full list of cakes can be returned by clicking on the link "Portfolio":
  1. Any cake from the inside looks like this:
  • Every cake, attention, has its own article:
  • signed photo, which can be increased:
  • cake information:
  • "selling" moments:
  • similar cakes:

The only portfolio in the collection that you want to eat or donate - in whole or in each work separately. And the fact that it is more than worthily decorated, makes it a model for companies with similar activities and more.

Network salons laser hair removal and cosmetology "Girlfriends"

Link - //podruge.ru/portfolio/


  1. Portfolio is divided into categories. And the first provides him with status and title, and photography:
  1. If you open the "Stars" section, everything will become clearer:
  1. Open the card:
  1. The "Before and After" portfolio section is not so aesthetically appealing, but necessary for such a company. As you can see, here are the subcategories of work:
  1. If you open a subcategory, there will be a gallery of works for a specific service:
  1. Section "Video" - videos with the process of pointing beauty:

What can I say - such a portfolio can be proud of. The flow of rich and famous customers and clients in the "Girlfriends" after such flattering comments provided.

Company "Own"

Link - //art-doors.ru/portfolyo/


  1. The works are organized by tiles, signed and have a watermark:
  1. Under the list of works there is a very large text for this type of pages:
  1. If you hover over the work, the inscription "Look" appears, you can open it. Inside - a full-fledged case for the project - the text, which alternates with large increasing images:
  1. The page of any work and the page with the portfolio are at the end of an application for calculation:

Pleasant for reading and viewing the portfolio - not only declarative statements about exclusive doors, but also numerous works with a detailed description of the manufacturing process, including a story about the objects, materials used and accessories.

Company "Climatic season"

Link - //www.climatseason.ru/portfolio/


  1. There is a filter of works by objects and by types. All works are signed, their type and category of used equipment is indicated:
  1. A detailed job description looks like this:
  1. Information about any work includes:

    • job description;
    • beautifully designed photo gallery (but photos are not signed);
    • project description;
    • a story about its implementation;
    • equipment used (note the price and a link to the item card).

If we talk about the shortcomings, there is a rather small font on both the portfolio page itself and in each of the works. Otherwise, this is not a very bad portfolio among competitors, many of which do not even have more or less sane sites.

Agency "House Real Estate"

Link - //www.domnedv.ru/page167/portfolio/


  1. The portfolio has a classic blog layout - picture / title / publication date / text-announcement:
  1. If you open any work, it will also look like an ordinary article, if you do not read:

Here there are all the signs of the case: the current situation, the task, a photo of the object (it’s strange that houses were taken everywhere, not apartment interiors) and a solution.

  1. Any work from the list and portfolio in general can be shared on social networks.

The strangest and easiest design portfolio in the collection. And the most informative in terms of textual component. I repeat - it is necessary to read every specific work - it is very interesting there.

Don't tell me what you do. Show what you did

Перед вами сайт клининговой компании, который я хотел включить в подборку, но не включил по вполне понятной причине:

Судя по футеру, сайт никак не менялся с 2015 года. Тем не менее, он в выдаче поисковых систем, иначе я бы его не смог найти. С точки зрения "Яндекса" все не так уж плохо. But for people, potential customers, the company's lack of work is a disturbing bell and an excuse to quickly leave to look for competitors with a portfolio.

If you want your portfolio to at least look, remember that it characterizes:

  1. Increase the number of works - no matter what they say, but the list of 1-2 points inspires weakly. However, if there are hundreds of them, it is better to show the best.
  2. Divide the work into categories - thus you simplify the search for customers who are interested in the closest to their field of activity.
  3. Sign the work and photos - so you show what it was and for whom it was done.
  4. Describe each work in detail - just showing them in the general list is not enough - you need to tell, for this, create a separate page for each of them. Do not skimp on photos - show photos of the object from different angles.
  5. Demonstrate in the portfolio of well-known clients, their photos and reviews - it works to increase customer loyalty and increase status.
  6. If there are a lot of examples in the portfolio:

    • make pagination;
    • hide part of the work behind the button "View more";
    • do a portfolio search.
  1. End the job description with a call to action - an offer to contact you and get the same cool result will be more than appropriate.

Scalambur: Work on your work. It's like a student's record book, which you first work for, and then she works for you.

Watch the video: My First Design Portfolio (February 2020).


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