Increase website conversion: step by step plan

Theoretically, increasing the conversion rate is straightforward. Each marketer can look at the site with a smart look, go to the product page, place an order, make a diagnosis and write out a few prescriptions. Typically, these experts do not go beyond typical diagnoses and recipes: pick up the phone in the header of the site, make the conversion button large and bright, add a call to action, show the hell the feedback from satisfied customers.

4 easy ways to double the conversion rate

Conversion level optimization is the top priority for digital marketing. SEO-optimizers, internet marketers and all the royal army optimize sites in the hope of turning visitors into customers. If you started reading this article, welcome to the fun company! Below are four simple ways to increase conversion.

21 ways to make content more convincing: social proof guide

The main tasks of landings and presentations are company promotion; sale of their goods and services. In order to solve them, the content had to be convincing, and the means of persuasion were social evidence and tools of trust. What exactly - we will tell in this article. Social evidence The effect of the crowd and the position of "thousands of people can not be wrong" often replace a person's own assessment.

How to remove from the text extra artistry

I will explain how, without being an editor, a business and blog owner can independently assess the relevance of the artistic techniques used in the articles. You will learn: how to present the reader in a convenient form with the information for which he started reading; how to find problems in tasty texts with sufficient meaning.

How to write without errors

In short, no way. Even if you put a spelling dictionary under your pillow, in which you use a philologist's diploma instead of a bookmark, errors and typos will still appear in your texts. Therefore, the article would be correctly called "How to reduce the number of errors in the texts." Interested in an answer to this question?

Why good content focuses on topics, not keywords

After the semantic apocalypse, most marketers realized that promotion cannot be built solely on keywords. However, the words about the primacy of the content and the inferiority of the tactics of manipulating the issuance using keys often remain empty cliches. Research company Searchmetrics Ranking Factors 2014 helps to fill them with practical meaning.