How to choose the most appropriate version of the text for your site?

When a copywriter sends you a test (for any page of the site where the most active visitors are expected), do you have any confidence that this particular text version will “shoot”? Do you ask yourself a question (even if the text of your copywriter suits you completely), but can something be done with this article to increase the level of interest of the target audience?

32 errors on landings that hit conversion and scare visitors

The landing page is configured, configured, equipped with Yandex.Metrica and launched, but the work on it does not end there. An audit will help to see flaws, unresolved issues, unnecessary or missing blocks - everything that can be tweaked and strengthened in order to increase conversion. It is necessary to conduct an audit of landings not only after launching and after 2-3 months of working on live traffic, but regularly, plunging into analytics, putting forward hypotheses and conducting A / B testing.

Exchange gallery: is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Good day! My name is Tatiana, and in the past I worked on the copywriting exchanges. Do you want to know what awaits you, if you do not get out of it in time? It sounds like the beginning of the confession of a former alcoholic, is not it? If you are sure that you can and can sell with the help of texts and are now looking for a more or less stable source of income, you must have thought to dive into the stock exchanges.

Expert articles from non-expert: how to show aerobatics

You must have come across a situation where people come to you with a project about which topic you do not know anything. Yes, and asked to make the material expert. It was? How many times have you taken an order to work and failed? In the article I will tell you how to competently build a process and hand over quality material. Based on real events: personal experience, proven methods and examples.

122 Content Marketing Articles: The Imperial Collection of Utilities

Do content marketing or just want to start? This selection will help in any case! Here are collected relevant articles, guides, cases and interviews - everything you need to know to consider yourself a competent specialist. Read, save to bookmarks, share with friends, hide from competitors. About content marketing in general "Content marketing is a marketing technology for creating and distributing popular content to attract the target audience.

A practical guide to newsjacking for content marketers

Newsjacking or news piracy - drawing attention to a brand or product with popular news stories. The essence of the tool in two words: if you ride the wave of HYIP associated with an important event in the industry or in the world in general, you can get an explosive growth in traffic. A textbook and evergreen example of newsjacking is the famous Oreo tweet.