How to use customer contact points to boost sales

Contact points are points of contact between a client and a company or a specialist, influencing the decision to start or continue cooperation, to buy goods or to refuse them. How to find and work out business-critical points of contact? For companies or entrepreneurs working online, there are several key points of contact: social networks - pages, posts, replies to comments and posts from users, advertising, guest posts, etc.

How changing the text affects the conversion rate: analysis of 8 simple examples with the results of real A / B tests

Michael Aagaard, a famous Danish copywriter and author of articles on the Contentverve blog, has conducted more than 250 A / B tests over the past 4 years to find out how text materials affect the conversion rate of sites. The main conclusion to which he arrived is that the texts have a direct impact on the conversion rate, and it can be accurately measured in numbers.

Mutant newspapers: corporate media for staff

Overview of the front pages of corporate newspapers - with pictures, ridicule and recommendations 1. In isolation from the market, Factory newspapers for staff stand apart in the communications industry. This niche is rather closed, because the corporate is turned inside a closed collective, which is doomed to be its loyal audience.

Glavred Lentach Taras Sychev: about checking news, god-like picchers and editorial work

Every day we absorb tons of news from various sources. Behind every, even the smallest material, there is an entire team that will check the information and serve it. To learn more about this work, we talked with the chief editor of the popular Lentach community Taras Sychev. From the interview you will learn about the fight against fake and negative, the latest exposure of the publisher and the usual life of the editorial board.

Effective content marketing: 5 habits to help you stand out

Content marketing is gaining momentum at the moment, confirming the reputation of the most relevant and effective way to promote business on the Internet. Many experts in the West even call promotion with the help of content mainstream. Content marketing is also gaining popularity in Runet thanks to successful examples of project development using this approach.

Gender marketing, or what gender is your brand?

Gender marketing, or what gender is your brand? The theme of gender equality and stereotype is hot and controversial. And it doesn’t matter whether you are a hardened conservative, who is distorted by the sight of a girl with tattoos from under short shorts or a radical feminist. There will always be supporters who disagree and just want to talk.